As interior design home decorating projects go, adding built-ins and moldings can be one of the most rewarding projects to undertake. The advantages to the looks and character of your home, as well as the storage advantages that you will gain are enormous. The style of the finished built-in can vary from light and airy contemporary style to richly detailed traditional. Variations and gradations of these extremes are designed into the scheme to create the desired finished look. The finished product may be painted white in many cases, but it is useful to consider a more dramatic look. Black painted cabinetry is stunning. The overall look of the room is not dark and oppressive. Rather, it is rich and interesting, not to mention cozy and restful to live in. The storage elements in the room above are a mixture of open and closed storage. We simply do not want to see all of our possessions every day of the week. They are tucked away below until we need them. You can gain storage and display space, make much more efficient use of your home, and add impact to your room design. The addition of classical moldings such as ogee moldings, flutes, and capitals create a more formal look. Difficult areas of the home that are otherwise merely used to pass through can become more useful as well as better looking by the addition of built-ins and decorative molding details. charcoal panelling fireplace mantleMudrooms are often difficult ares to keep looking good and work efficiently. Footwear and coats pile up along with sporting gear and duffle bags. The addition of concentrated storage gets these items off the floor.mudroom cabinetry with upper boxesAlong a traditional theme, there are many styles of trim work to choose from. Trim can be painted or stained as opposed to just sticking with traditional white, as the client prefers (photos courtesy of Better Homes or Houzz). Painting trim in a light shade avoids the traditional dark look of moldings of the past. Fireplace walls are particularly conducive to the use of built-ins. The fireplace mantle, flanked by open or closed cabinetry makes excellent use of space, as providing an enormous boost to the finished look of the room. Lighting in niches is a terrific way to add drama to the area. In a large room, large moldings can be used. For a formal look, fluted, classical columns can be used either side of the fireplace and flanked with tall cabinets to draw the eye up, thus making the ceiling feel higher. The ceiling may remain unadorned or it may be elaborately embellished by moldings. Simple crown molding in every room lends an air of formality and grace to any home, large or small. Awkward areas such as under stair space is a great opportunity to use trim work to add storage as well as style. Foyers, as well, often fall by the wayside because they are busy pass through areas. It is important to embellish the foyer because it is an opportunity to give a pleasing first impression and a welcoming message to guests. Doors do not have to be solid, but could have beveled glass instead for an interesting look. In a room with a low ceiling, it may be desirable to keep molding treatments should be more subtle, so as not to overpower the room and appear oppressive. This is not a hard and fast rule, as all this is in the eye of the beholder. Many small homes look lovely with elaborate decor and moldings.neutral living with curved sofa and tall gold draperiesLarge windows provide an opportunity for window seating with storage beneath. This arrangement also looks wonderful on windows that are properly dressed with elegant window treatments. Even where there is no large window, molding detail can add interest in surprising ways. Note the tall upholstered bench with adjacent elaborate moldings in the photo below. tall tufted banquette seating with sconceIn bedrooms, space is often limited and possessions many. Bedroom built-ins can greatly alleviate the storage issues while also providing display space. Space under dormers or slanted ceilings also can be made more efficient and useable with built-in cabinetry for storage. Ceiling embellishment may simply be a series of parallel exposed beams, extensive crown moldings, inset coffering or circular molding or elaborate ceiling moldings. Dining rooms are also often small rooms which tend to hold large furnishings. These rooms also benefit from overhead interest.  Simple moldings can be made to look much more dramatic by painting them with deeper colours. This also provides a flat display surface and moves the occupant away from the ceiling. Entire walls of storage can be created and look stunning while concealing a wealth of possessions. The paneled wall above looks dramatic and interesting while functioning efficiently with the slim buffet. This room would take on an entirely more formal character in a darker wall colour. 

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