We are all good at something. It may become what we work at in life…or it may not. Choosing paint colours for your home just may not be something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Colour is a powerful element in our toolkit of interior design specialties. In fact, the mood of the home can be affected to a large degree by the colours that we live with. large and formal upscale bathroom with marble tile floor tile, free-standing bathtub, and custom draperies

Many people find choosing paint colours stressful and end up painting the whole home an unhappy shade of beige that does nothing to enhance furnishings. In fact, they are left with a sense of failure and even of stress. After awhile they stop noticing the beige on a conscious level but the dreary colour choice affects the residents of the home, nonetheless. It could have been so much better!

There is a fear that using darker colours will make rooms look smaller. In fact, the opposite is true, even in smaller homes. A little drama can really be our friend. There is a sense of coziness and enveloping warmth that darker colours often impart to a room. Balance is the key, though. We need to balance our darker colour choices with some lighter ones or we will have overdone it. 

Paint colour consultation for new decor Burlington

Our perception of space and how comfortable we are in the space is a function of our mood. We can affect our mood through our choice of the colours that we live with in our homes. A warm or dynamically pleasant hue with lend a sense of coziness and even optimism to an environment. We feel more relaxed around colours that we actually like. That is why it is important to take the time to effectively make good colour decisions. It’s harder than it looks and it takes a surprising amount of energy. 

Many homes have several people living there. Realistically, it may not be possible to please all of them. Compromise will be necessary in order to prioritize pleasing most of the occupants for colours in the main living areas. Some of the home’s occupants may thrive in the presence of strong hues, and others may be irritated by them. accent walls have become a topic of debate, as a result of this. Accent walls allow us to have some interesting colours in the home, while accommodating the tastes of the more conservative members of the household. 

casual and comfortable loft style living room with painted exposed brick wall and yellow sofa

The right shades of colours such as orange, red, yellow and purple can be used very successfully to create a very pleasing home environment that can be enjoyed for many years. The choice of a beautiful and inspiring colour can make a room appear rich, muted, and elegant. Hot colours used instead as accents in artwork or on one wall can be very pleasing. Orange can be very useful in its more muted forms of terra-cotta, salmon, coral, and shrimp, but it is also spectacular in its original vibrant form in the right place. Perhaps a sunroom! Subtle warmer shades in a bedroom or bathroom flatter light skin tones. Orange tones may feel unpleasantly hot in a room which has inadequate window coverings. The same is true for the use of darker colour shades. A paint colour consultation can help to clarify what colours can improve the look of any home. 

 Some of our clients have very stressful jobs and, as a result, may prefer a more subdued colour palette in there home. Or they may not. A paint colour consultation is different every time and it is tailored to the tastes and needs of our clients. Sometimes a client have have a happy remembrance of certain colours, and, as a result, they are drawn to those colours. Conversely, they may have lived with certain colours that create unpleasant memories. Some people are embarrassed by lively colour choices in their home. They are worried about what their guests think. All of these emotions, memories and mood factors go into the paint colour consultation. Colours that we have been drawn to for years can be combined with some interesting new choices to create a fresh and vibrant new colour palette that makes us enjoy living in the home. Good communication between colour consultant and client is essential to a successful outcome. Part of the fun of interior design is interacting with clients. Many sparkling conversations have been enjoyed during the choosing of paint colours with our clients. That is just part of the process. 

blue dining room buffet with large abstract artwork in blue and turquoise on a textured wall finish in charcoal

Upbeat abstract artworks with optimistic combinations of colour add a real punch to the décor, especially if they are large. Even in bedrooms, orange, lime green or purple can be very pleasing. These colours add a fresh look, and maybe a bit of daring and surprise. Used with darker shades, these colours can add punch, vibrancy and drama. Interesting colours can even be used on the ceiling with great effect.

Yellow is energizing and upbeat. It is also very powerful. It’s great in just about any room, depending on the individual client and the intensity used. It can make a room very inviting as well as lend a look of spaciousness. It can also be tricky to get right. When it works, it’s a ton of fun!

fun and funky modern condo loft with yellow sofa and yellow accent wall

Lime green is another fun but dangerous colour. Done right it can really be a WOW! It’s energy and funkiness are a huge part of its charm. It also lends a citrus ambiance to any situation. You don’t need to be young to enjoy some lime green in your home. 

Greens can be relaxing, but many people became “greened out” from its overuse in the past, and they’re just not ready to consider green yet. An undertone of green in a pale neutral can be very spa-like and refreshing. Similarly, some clients love blue while others find it too chilly. Each to his or her own. To pale a blue or green can appear juvenile and even a little tacky. It’s all in the eye of the beholder and is quite subjective. 

Black is one of our favourite colours to use in the home. The time is right for it, too! It adds such drama to a room design. We can use a little or a lot. Some clients are just more conservative than others. Besides, it depends what you are able to live with until you are ready to paint again. Black adds elegance and grounds a colour scheme and gives it depth. Drama is not for everyone. Others thrive on it. The richness, depth and even coziness achieved in a room design through the use of deep colours is one of our most powerful tools. This is where communication between interior designer and client become fun. It is very rewarding and exciting for an interior designer to use dramatic colour choices and have a client that loves the finished room.

Purple can be surprisingly sophisticated, especially in its darker hues (eggplant, for example). It can impart a feeling of luxury as well as creativity. Lilac and lavender have a similar effect to blue, restful and serene, but without the feeling of chilliness.

Neutrals are perennially useful in interior design. They work best when they are not just a fallback choice. Well-chosen neutrals can be very elegant and even dramatic, rather than merely safe. Adding colour to neutral colour schemes livens a room up and makes the room a joy to come home to. Using dramatic colours on ceilings can have a very positive effect also. Try it. It’s only colour, after all. Paint colour consultations, fine furnishings, area rugs, and custom window treatments are a few of our specialties. Since 1993 Mulberry Interiors, headed by colour specialist, Marguerite Roberts has  been assisting clients in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Etobicoke, Brampton, Milton, Georgetown, western Toronto, and Vaughn. We specialize in residential interior design and decorating and are at our most creative when we use colour as our theme. We offer a full range of interior design products and services procurement of fine furniture, custom draperies, shutters, and window blinds, soft furnishings, area carpets and artwork and accessories.

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