Interior design applies to small homes as well as large ones. Small homes can be as beautiful as larger ones. The fact remains, however, that they are small. Today’s lifestyles are quite different from those of bygone years.  For one thing, we have a lot more possessions. We have more furniture, clothing, décor items, hobby equipment and what have you.  Many people simply don’t want a large home. Perhaps they have downsized from a larger home or they have decided to travel a lot or retire young. This does create the need for decorating and organizing compromises. The key is to create a home that does not feel cramped, rather than cozy and intimate. A tiny home can be a fabulous private space through the use of comfortable furnishings, warm colour shades and interesting  lighting.  In our case study, our clients were a lovely older couple living in the Falgarwood area of Oakville, Ontario who wish to keep their identity private. They had downsized from a much larger home and their son was still living with them, in a basement studio. They had a nice views out the living room and dining room and the windows were large. The home was significantly smaller than their previous home and they were not entirely adjusted to the change. The plan was to decorate the home using window treatments, new furniture, area carpets, bedding and colour. The first part of the plan was to get rid of clutter. The clients had brought too many items from their previous lifestyle. Nothing makes a small space feel too small more than having too much stuff. Collections have sentimental value and there is no need to get rid of everything but the space in view should be orderly and open. We sorted the excess and designated a significant portion that could be given to relatives or charity. Several items were set aside to be displayed in special ways. Kitchen storage was redefined and excess items were removed. We selected two apartment sized sofas, two comfortable chairs and a simple style coffee table for the living room. We also chose simple panel draperies on decorative rods for the windows as wellon the living room and dining room windows. We also chose an area carpet to suit the drapes and furniture. As well, we chose a wallpaper for a feature wall. In the bedrooms, we chose drapery fabric and new bedding. Once all the fabric and furnishings choices were firmed up, we chose all the wall colours. We chose soft, neutral tones, but we could also have chosen to use more dramatic colour, had that been the clients’ taste. We also chose new lamps and end tables and a coffee table with a glass top. Since the floor was visible, the open, airy look was maintained. Overall, the upholstery fabrics were tone on tone wovens, and the drapery fabrics were delicate embroidered florals or delicate merging shades. The drapery fabrics were lined and interlined, but sunlight could still pass through them for a feeling of lightness. The cool colour shades  helped to keep the rooms look open.  The space planning for the rooms ensured that the view into the rooms is clear and open, so that the space did not feel cramped. The rooms looked spacious, colourful and uncluttered. If we had chosen high contrast colours the overall look would have been more broken up and caused a feeling of being in a small space. Nothing with increase the actual size of the space, but the ambiance can be greatly affected by colour choice and size and type of furnishings. The space must also be well lit to feel spacious. This can be natural light or artificial. We could have installed track lighting or recessed lighting as well. The draperies and window blinds were light in colour and construction.
Once all the furnishings and draperies were complete, we began to work on artwork and accessories. We used a large framed mirror in the dining room. It had the effect of opening the space up further, adding reflective light, and giving the subtle impression of an extra window. It also added dramatic style and made the room look more finished (photos courtesy of Better Homes and Houzz). Photos are similar in character to the look of this project). We placed some of the client’s inherited treasures on the buffet. Plenty of open space was left. The room was not overly accessorized, as this would make it feel cramped. A piece of mirrored furniture would be an excellent accent piece as well. We chose several pieces of framed artwork for the dining room, living room, foyer and bedrooms. The artwork was simple landscapes in soft colours. The framing was relatively simple but not skimpy. Raised shadow matting added drama to several of the pieces.
The project was fun as well as interesting. The clients were very happy with their new space. It is comfortable and suits all their needs.
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