Interior design is for relaxed people, as well as people with a more formal outlook on life. Often, people who like a casual look in décor, still want the wow factor. The French are famous for having achieved this in their French country look. They put together this look by paying attention to the lines of the furnishings, the proportion of the room to the furnishings, quirky accessories, often a touch of rusticity or faded elegance, flowing fabrics, and interesting textures and variations in colour. Relaxed casual room designs these days have changed into a somewhat more masculine look. That is not to say that they don’t appeal to women. They do. They are appealing in the way that wood, wear and time appeal. Often we see exposed brick and room designs that would apply well to a loft condo home. The image below is one of fantasy, but it does show how well women and original brick can associate.  Todays trend to using reclaimed wood in furnishings lends itself to this look. It is an art, however to bring this look together. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy. There is great warmth to this look in room designs, as well as a little humour.  Interesting furnishings, retro lighting, leather and soft fabrics go a long way to imparting the correct ambiance (many photos courtesy of Better Homes). Once completed, the look often is very rich but comfortable and charming.upsacle rustic contemporary decor bathroom with metal mirror and thick wood vanity counter

Inherited furniture refinished or reupholstered using fabrics with a rustic or faded look, paired with a rubbed or distressed finish on the wood of the piece, adds another level of relaxation to the room. Black is often used in these room designs, as is white, and they look equally good. We find that some clients prefer light interiors over darker ones. It is simply a matter of taste. Rich draperies often paired with woven shades give the right feel, for instance. The use of vintage photographs and framed typography art or abstract artwork will bring a casual, eclectic look, and a nostalgic ambiance and sense of time past. Accessories are often industrial or retro in some way. Lighting is industrial and retro as well. The flavour of France is sometimes apparent also in fabrics printed with French wording. The flowing script is not as visible with this style. black and white dining space with vintage chairs and zebra carpet

Weathered looking mirrors are charming in casual room décor, along with collections of various kinds. They may be groupings of ivory candles, vintage glass, gears, or what have you. Antique globes and vintage chandeliers add pizzaz and charm. Wood furnishings often have a “live edge” which means that the edge contour is as it came from the tree. live edge sliding barn door in a transitional decor style living room

The relaxed nature of this look sometimes allows a bit of mismatching. Collections shine, also, and unlikely accessories sometimes can keep amicable company. The aim is to pull to overall look together, adding something that is a bit of an interior design surprise, and maintain charm and a relaxed atmosphere while doing it. Wallpaper has made a big comeback and includes the use of large wallpaper murals for a real wow factor even in these casual room designs. It is nice if some pieces have sentimental rather than decorative value. Intuition and emotion are very important in pulling the casual look together. All the lamps need not match. The shade and base of each should be in proportion. Large abstract artworks in graphic colours lend impact, along with animal print fabrics or cow hides.funky transitional living room with bronze sofa, grey cowhide area rug, and black floor lamp
Family rooms lean strongly toward simple lines in the cabinetry and very often have leather furniture, well constructed, and with striking lines. Less is more with this living style. It is not a pared down look, but clutter is the enemy. Storage is often creative and stylish with furniture often having more than one function. Coffee tables sometimes can start out quite small but cleverly are able to be enlarged significantly due to engineering. Often multiple smaller tables are assembled to make one larger looking table. We have been working with a client in Mississauga who loves antiques and has a great many beautiful inherited treasures. Some of their pieces are traditional, formal furniture pieces suitable for the living room or formal dining room, and some are downright battered. The look is eclectic and quite fun, and the pieces they have chosen together over the years are beautiful. This is a look that we are now seeing more often. There is a strong move toward enjoying weathered-looking pieces. Today’s casual room designs have become much more than just a collection of kitsch. There is a lot of texture, leather mixed with old wood, and many interesting accessories. We love doing these room designs.

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