Do you dare? Or is it just the thing for you? Of the many colour choices available to us in interior design, yellow can be one of the best and one of the trickiest. Yellow can be one of our best friends, or it can come back to bite us if we are not a little careful with it. For some clients, yellow is just not the thing. For others, it adds energy and light and makes them happy. Yellow adds a touch of fun to a room design. We most likely want to stay elegant, though, even if we’re having a bit of fun. Some clients are fairly young at heart or just plain young in years and the fun aspect is more important than the serious elegant question. How much yellow do we dare to use in interior design projects? It depends on the client that we are dealing with as well as current trends. Many clients that we encounter love colour but have had problems choosing yellow for their home decor. Yellow can indeed be very tricky to work with and must be treated with care. When it works, it’s and white with paint brush dipped in bright yellowThat being said, yellow in the home can be very uplifting and lovely to live with if used correctly. Sometimes we may want a vibrant yellow, and sometimes we prefer a soft, muted yellow that just adds a feeling of morning sunlight. It can be fun and funky or simply bring a feeling of lightness into a room. Whether we use a little yellow, or a lot, yellow is one of the most powerful colours that we have at our disposal. A touch of pale yellow in a dark stairwell can really lighten up the area, lending a feel of having a window, or even a skylight, that isn’t actually there. A cheerful yellow toss cushion on a window seat adds charm as well as comfort. It always catches the eye! We can even have a yellow sofa and retain elegance as well as a sense of fun in the room design, especially in contemporary or transitional room designs.casual and comfortable loft style living room with painted exposed brick wall and yellow sofaFor a touch of fun yellow can be used in a single piece of furniture such as a pouffy ottoman, a wing chair, or a table. Yellow can also be used to excellent effect in formal room designs, believe it or not. Mustard yellow is a classic colour choice and has stood the test of time. This is not for everyone but it does hold its appeal for those that it suits. It is a classic colour. Similarly, in the room below, the room has white walls. Many clients love white walls. Quite often though, they also want some drama in their home decor. The upbeat and colourful abstract artwork brings that. The deep blue sofa lends grounding. The blue velvet fabric lends a sense of luxury, as well, in this cheerful room. The yellow table base and zigzag lamp add just the right amount of added pop. Just enough yellow is the right amount.funky contemporary living room with dark blue velvet fofa, large, colourful abstract artwork, yellow zigzag lamp, and glass end table with yellow baseFor a completely different look, we can add much more yellow to a room, and still not overdo it. A room that is very contemporary in style, can be made comfortable by means of the furniture styling and touch of fun in the artwork. Classic lines in the furnishings can make the room feel more formal if that is what is desired. Light touches of yellow can make a formal room seem less stuffy.charming and colourful upscale contemporary living room with yellow sofa, large abstract artwork, and custom draperiesYellow can be used in a room design as a bit of a surprise, and it has the ability to lift the mood in a room furnished even with quite worn and outdated pieces. This is surprise in a good way. We can see the potential for a very fresh new look through the use of yellow. The addition of a wonderful and unusual piece of furniture finished in an eye-catching colour such as yellow can add real pizzaz to a room design. It may be a soft shade of yellow or a vibrant one. The use of yellow is a surprise and works very well to create a successful design vignette. The remainder of the elements in the room may even tend to be a more muted colour overall, as long as the unique piece is not the only fun thing in the room.dramatic small living room with grey, white, black and yellow colour scheme with a small black and white abstract artworkHow far do we dare to go? Can we use it as a on the front door of our home? Of course we can!Can we use it as a wall colour? The answer is “sometimes”. It depends on the energy level of the client who lives in the home. Some family members may love a vibrant colour palette in general, and other family members may not enjoy that sort of thing at all. Remember that when your friends and neighbours visit and express their opinions, it is the opinions of who actually lives in the home that and funky modern condo loft with yellow sofa and yellow accent wallYellow is first and foremost a fun colour, but it can also be an elegant part of a powerful room design, if it is used to its’ best advantage. We have seen that it can be used in formal as well as casual room designs, and in traditional, as well as contemporary room designs.

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