Many modern homes have moldings that are more of an afterthought than a feature of the interior design of the home. This is a shame as beautiful moldings can add a great deal of presence to the overall feel of a home. In Victorian times, mechanization had begun and there was a huge trend to utilizing the affordable and plentiful machine made moldings to enhance décor. Baseboards were generous and high and crown molding was plentiful. Fluted window trim with rosette plinth blocks were a common feature seen in homes of this period. We are able to easily recreate this molding detail in modern homes with traditional style interior design, because the rosette eliminates the need for tricky miter cuts. A skilled finish carpenter can create much more intricate molding details. In more contemporary room designs, molding still exists to lend a finished look to the interior design of the home, but the profile of the molding will have cleaner lines.The variety of moldings available today is endless. Often we see elaborate fireplace mantle construction with extensive adjacent built-in display, storage cabinetry, and ceiling embellishment.upscale dining room with deep charcoal wall, white wainscotting and ceiling and cove moldingPicture frame wainscoting or wall frames is an interesting alternative to raised wood panelling, and this look suits the classic look of traditional décor. These wall frame moldings are not as wide as chair rail or picture rail moldings. Other molding choices are flat band molding, wall molding,  and contour picture frame molding. To add a modern touch to classic moldings, creative colour choices can add charm and a sense of fun to the home, as well as creating more interest than a flat wall would do.The ceiling is one of the largest surfaces in the room and lends itself to embellishment, especially in large, formal rooms. Nothing adds interest and presence to a room better than a coffered ceiling. This is a series of box-like constructions which appear functional, but are not. They are merely applied decoration. A coffered ceiling is constructed of  lightweight dimension lumber supplemented by accent moldings. This option is labour intensive to install and therefore this is reflected in the cost of the installation.sleek and upscale adjacent living and dining room with coffered ceilingIn large, open concept homes, the feeling of warmth and cosiness is often lacking. Trim work used creatively can effectively give cues to the various functions of a large space. Columns and false ceiling beams can designate one portion of a high ceilinged loft, for instance, as the kitchen. In the formal living areas, dark panelling and trim can be used to indicate formality. Trim work is mainly decorative but chair rail moldings serve the very useful purpose of protecting the walls from damage from the backs of chairs. Artwork can be hung from a picture rail installed near the ceiling. This gives the room the feel of a gallery. Artwork can be easily changed without adding new holes to the walls for hooks.  Less is more when it comes to moldings.grey panelled wall with vignette of a collection of black pots and grassWith the vast array of choice available to us, it is all too easy to err on the side of excess. All the elements of a well-designed room should work together to complement each other. One should not overpower another in a well-proportioned interior design plan. Often, we encounter clients who have added crown molding to the living room and dining room only, and often, it is too small. It is far better to choose one beautiful, understated molding and use it everywhere in the home. It is crucial that it we well installed by a skilled finish carpenter to look its best. Once the installation is complete, the client often wonders how they lived so long without the finished look of crown molding.

Many clients prefer a contemporary look in their home, and yet, the builder’s Colonial style baseboards are still there. A handy homeowner or handy person with an attention to detail and a good mitre saw can replace the offending outdated baseboards in a relatively short span of time. It’s a very good idea to paint the new baseboards before installation, if possible. Minor paint touch-ups will be required after the installation is completed. The difference tall, stylish baseboards can make is astonishing.

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