Modern day clients are enjoying the long trend from formality in interior design  to a more relaxed, even rustic or industrial style of design. Urban country style is a blend of industrial, modern, and contemporary elements that suits people who live in urban environments. It has a softer edge that full on industrial and it has a flavour of loft living as well as farmhouse style. More and more people are shifting to a more casual look in their home decor these days. Rooms need to be more versatile in purpose, since many of us work from home a significant part of the week. We still want our homes to look good but we also want them to be easy to take care of. Function needs to flow from room to room. Usually each member of the household uses technology and that can add up to a lot of items. Media rooms have become a new trend, as a result of all this collection of technology. We also like to bring the indoors in, as much as we can, as well as using our outdoor spaces a lot more. The trend naturally flows to many people being drawn to an Urban Country decor style.relaxed and charming loft style condo kitchen with colourful hexagonal floor tiles and exposed brick wallsThis does not mean that we can create the look with a collection of drab castoffs. As with any design style, the desired finished room design will exude beauty and comfort, in a casual and stylish manner. The wood countertop in the urban country kitchen above is a living surface.Similarly, a soapstone countertop could be swapped in with the same effect. It will change over time with wear. It lends an urban, yet rustic, feel to the room. It feels casual and yet, upscale, as well. The kitchen is where a lot of the action in the home takes place. Large, open work surfaces are required, as in any kitchen, if the home occupants actually cook. Some people do not and never will. A high functioning kitchen has enough storage for the tools and dishes that will be used. Part of the charm of an urban country kitchen is often a farmhouse sink. The farmhouse sink is expected in a country kitchen, but modern stainless appliances will work with this style, along with modern honed finish granite, cement or even copper countertops would look wonderful. White cabinets are still common but many people are tiring of white kitchens. Black cabinets would be striking. In the photo above, most of the colour in the space is in the floor tile. Vibrant yet muted, and hard wearing, so the ultimate in practicality. In floor heating is a luxury touch in modern interiors, but once you’ve had it you never want to live without it. upscale urban chic loft style kitchen in light wood with concrete look finishes and black industrial lightingThe dining room may or may not be an eating area. If it is a small space, it is more practical to use the dining room to eat in. Some people have developed almost a phobia around the dining room. In the past, the dining room was a forbidding and formal place, shut off from the mess of the kitchen. Impractical surfaces like delicate furniture varnishes, fine linens, and expensive china dishes were employed. Sometimes there was a lot of tension when using that space if things got damaged during use. Today’s furniture is comfortable and easy care and can be simply wiped clean. In the urban country dining room furniture is often rustic. A few more dings will not destroy the beauty of the piece. The dining room decor may also suit display of vintage items, memorabilia, or collections. In today’s open concept homes the cook is not relegated to  work away preparing meals separated from the fun everyone else is having at the dining table. This is part of the idea that the home’s decor style flows through the home. In Urban Country style there are significant elements of loft condo style. Sometimes it is a little hard to tell the difference. The style is not confined to inner city living, though. There are factory lofts in the suburbs and rural areas, too. Many larger suburban homes have been decorated in Urban Country style. It suits many clients, no matter where they live. loft style dining room with exposed brickThe urban country home, whether large or small, open concept or traditional plan, is a place of comfort. Textural elements convey the design plan in a pleasing mix of harmonious colours. Beautiful  and efficient lighting with simple lines is a key feature. Since we are often working in the home or doing homework, we need to be able to see what we are doing. Media rooms, even with all the bells and whistles of the technology that we need can still be created in the urban country style. Vintage furniture pieces, or pieces that resemble vintage styles work well with more contemporary lined pieces in these room designs.  Comfort, casual style, abundance and the expression of the self are all elements of this design style.urban loft style living room with deep charcoal wall colour, tufted grey sofa, paired egg chairs, cow hide area rug and chair seat, and chrome x base office tableUrban country bathrooms can be luxurious, as well as rustic. These days, in newer, luxury homes, bathrooms are larger and lend themselves to a spa-like experience. Many homes have tall ceilings which add drama to any room design. Furniture and fixtures are reclaimed or rustic and colours are muted and calming. A healthy house plant adds to the finished look of contentment when there is enough in-coming light. A floor to ceiling working fireplace does not go amiss. free-standing copper bathtub in living room-like bathroomCustom draperies are not out of place in urban country style. Luxurious fabrics such as chenille, damask, cotton velvet and quilted fabrics suit the style. Draperies are professionally sewn, fully lined, and fall to the floor. They are installed on proper drapery hardware and the style may have either a contemporary or traditional look to it. They look wonderful next to raw concrete ceilings or walls, or live edge wood tables. urban condo with bare concrete ceilings, antler chandelier, and custom draperiesA book filled library, many baskets furniture upholstered in linen, and exposed wood are also elements that can add detail to the overall Urban Country look. Furniture with plumbing pipe legs is an industrial style detail. In the past, velvet was the height of formality. It crushed easily and was hard to clean. Modern technology has created it in easy care versions, and it is hard wearing, as well. It comes in a myriad of colour shades, and seems to suit just about any room. relaxed home library with custom draperies, grey velvet sofa, and subtle area rugArtwork that suits the style can be large abstracts or a collection of black and white or sepia photographs. Hanging groups of photos is a bit of an art. Family photos or travel photos have great meaning to people and they love to see them displayed. They tell your story. Displays like this are one of the most important areas of the home. Reclaimed wood furniture with clean lines looks wonderful with a touch of black or shiny metal or glass in the room vignette with simple wood console table, neutral chevron wallpaper, gallery art wall, silver table lamp, and basket with birch logsWood with distressed paint finishes make a feature wall with character. Wallpaper in simple textures is also compatible. a mural in a corrosion finish, or geode, or peeling paint are fun and dramatic options. Relatively easy to install, as well as to remove. Many people resist wallpaper because of past bad experiences with wallpaper that was difficult to remove or was just plain ugly. Those days are gone. Nowadays, wallpaper and mural options are endless, and modern glues make the process easily reversible. dynamic casual bedroom with dark grey rusticated wood panelling and bright orange-red beddingSimplicity is the key to this confident yet understated decorating style. Call Mulberry Interiors now at (905) 849-6423 to book a consultation. We look forward to working with you to increase your enjoyment of your home.

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