Here, in Canada, our summers may not be very long but we are able to stretch the season quite a lot by adding outdoor decor features and heating elements to our outdoor spaces. Interior design and home décor often expand to the great outdoors. The garden has, in recent years, become an extension of the interior design of the home. Whether your garden tends to the formal European style of the great homes there, a flower cutting garden with a few veggies thrown in, or a more architectural style with plantings around the pool, you can enhance it tastefully to become a joy to spend a lot of time in during our wonderful but brief Canadian summer. It should not be left out of the overall design scheme. When considering a home décor project, it is advantageous to include the view to the outdoors in the overall plan. A large part of the appeal of your home is strongly linked to having created a warm and pleasant environment in the outdoor areas of your property. Gardens require many hours of work to keep them looking good (photos courtesy of Better Homes). It makes sense that the garden be a pleasant and decorative place to work and relax in.

outdoor seating by stone wall

Many home design elements can look fabulous near planted areas. Many of these provide four season interest due to the durability of their construction. Walkway materials, furniture, water fountains, statuary provide this year round appeal. There is wonderful variability of design available in concrete and metal sculptural pieces. Ornamental grasses have an architectural quality because many of them grow quite tall. They provide three season interest. They provide movement and grace to the landscaping. A beautiful bench or a table and a couple of chairs provide comfort as well as ornamentation to the garden and gardener alike. Entertainment areas in the garden are lovely for guests, as well as homeowners, in that they act as an additional room extension to the home. A room without walls, that is. This is enjoyable and sparks conversation. There is no need to dash around setting it up. It remains ready to go throughout the warm months.

black windows paired with stone and wood on home exterior

A personal touch is possible in exterior home design, as it is in interior design.  Objects that we have purchased or found while travelling can be incorporated into the garden with great success. A sparkling footed glass globe would be a lovely, durable accent on a garden table, or on a rock next to the pond. The whimsical and humorous also have a place in the décor of a garden. Simple cheerful colours used in outdoor seating adds a tremendous boost to the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. They reflect the personality of the home owners. Trellises are useful, as well as sculptural and have the advantage of adding height to the various vignettes throughout the garden. These can be intricate or plain, traditional or modern, as well as colourful.

black stained pergola on outdoor patio

With a little imagination and work a spectacular setting can be created just outside your indoor living space. The interior design is definitely much enhanced be keeping the view to the outdoors in mind as we achieve our design plan. Call Mulberry Interiors now at (905) 849-6423 to book a consultation. We look forward to working with you to increase your enjoyment of your home.


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