Some people enjoy formal living and some do not. Interior design is for the less formal home as well as the formal. Many home styles are a transitional balance between the two extremes. Some of the most beautiful interiors we have seen in high end magazines have been informal and casual. The use of abstract art, for instance, can suit either a formal or informal home. As usual, successful interior design is based on proportion, balance, style and colour. Contemporary or traditional style characteristics may be evident but it is the overall effect that makes it formal or casual interior design.Often many of the furnishings have a well worn look to them, but the beauty is there, nevertheless. Interestingly, the furnishings, themselves, may be pristine but the surrounding elements of the room design may be the funky elements. Handmade items such as rugs and decorative accessories lend a more casual air, but need not be seen only in casual room designs. Function and comfort, as well as beauty are important in these beautiful casual interiors.  Aesthetic enjoyment is important but it is not the main attraction.  The beauty of the room design is balanced with everyday use.contemporary casual living room with HD metal venetian blinds in black and textured area carpetSometimes, in informal room designs, the look leans a little to Old European, especially French or English Country. Woods may be painted in light colours and are often quite distressed. Fabrics may be well worn plain or printed linens. Informal room designs with a contemporary flair are cozy and clean lined with a nod to nature in the form of light, textured wood pieces. It is a more relaxed look than regular contemporary, which can sometimes be a little hard to live in. Often patina plays a part in the surface embellishment of wood metal furnishings and surfaces used. Textured, nubby fabrics, easy care leather, and faux fur fabrics make an appearance. Edges have a softer look and elements of comfort such as throws and pillows play a part, as do natural materials like grasscloth wallcoverings or woven wood blinds.upscale textured window shade
colourful array of toss cushions in graphic geometric patternsIn informal room designs of a traditional bent, similar traits are seen to more formal traditional rooms. In the more informal approach, lighter woods are often used, and rather than attempting to stick rigidly to a traditional style period, furnishings are more functional and comfortable. Fabrics are easy care and often leather or synthetic. Fabrics that look like leather are now available. They are surprisingly realistic and they are often extremely durable. The lines of the furnishings tend to the more traditional and formal with camel backed sofas, rolled arm chairs and skirted pieces, sometimes furnishings with Oriental or other exotic details. In more contemporary informal room designs, abstract art is used, as well as area rugs with abstract and colourful designs. There may be a vintage furniture piece, or one that looks vintage. Once again, handmade items can play a part. A dynamic artwork of considerable size may be painted or even hand woven. It may be subtly coloured or rich in colour.clean lined urban loft style interior with tall window, large abstract artwork, cream sofa, red egg chair and stool, and refracted colour on cream area carpetArea carpets may be traditionally Oriental or fun and funky deep pile or texture. Many beautiful rooms are neither formal nor informal, but eclectic. This is a most versatile style and fun to live with. If done well, this can look terrific, but often, it is not done well, and simply looks like a mish mash. The function of the room helps decide the focus of the room design. It may be a dramatic room when treasured items from travels and life’s adventures and different cultures are used. Dramatic wall colour or large murals may be a part of these casual room designs. Beautiful, flowing draperies lend softness and ambiance. Found furniture pieces with extreme texture fit well with this look.dramatic small casual living room with deep blue wall colour, live edge fireplace mantel, small fireplace and geometric area rugInformal homes may be large or small, secluded in rural areas or located within the city’s busy core. These easy care rooms leave plenty of room for everyday living for the whole family, including pets. Furnishings are durable and the emphasis is on comfort and function.
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