Dare we say that we are so over mason jars, Keep Calm motivational quips, shabby chic, chevron motif, tree stumps as table, severed stag heads, palette art and furnishings, the colour aqua, and birds and owls on every object in the home. It’s not that we don’t enjoy a carefree and whimsical approach to home decor and a bit of creative recycling. We do. We just like to keep moving forward. Palettes are a terrific form of recycling and we really like that. In relaxed decorating or at the cottage, some pallete objects such as light fixtures, wine racks, art and some furniture would still be just the thing. Less so in a more urban setting. If your home is rural, this level of rusticity may suit the home. The exception is Christmas. Rustic charm often looks wonderful in the city. We like this kitchen below in reclaimed wood. cottage kitchen with reclaimed palette wood flooring and cabinetryChristmas just seems to look good in weathered and rustic, so a fun slogan that we look at for just a few weeks lends nostalgic charm. Looking at the same weathered slogan can really be wearing all year long, especially if it is sappy.Merry Christmas palette wood art signOverly feminine ornate rustic kitchens have also become tiresome. There’s just too much going in a look like this. It feels dated. Shabby chic can be too saccharine as a decor look. It is ultra feminine, and you either loved it or hated it, even in its heyday. When combined with other overworked decor elements, it’s just over. It would suit a purposely French Country look, though.rustic white kitchen with ornate detailingThe overly feminine vignette below is nearly offensive. I won’t go on. It’s just over, and maybe should never have happened at all.shabby chic decor style with mason jars

Similarly, the sign below is just overdone. The rusticity is still charming, but the styling and sentiment is not. A humourous quote could perhaps work in this rustic style in the eclectic home of someone with a big personality. It’s the sappiness of the sign below that offends.dated palette wood decor signSome forms of this casual style do still succeed, in small amounts, though. The charm of rustic and relaxed room designs lies in not making the overall effect one of excess femininity. The room below exudes charm and is quite interesting. It is light and bright with vintage and reclaimed pieces.charming casual dining room with antique buffet desk and more modern pieces in the mixSome of this effect of dating is a result of our love affair with the phenomenon of Pinterest. Before Pinterest, we had access to creative ideas in magazines and various venues on the internet. Pinterest is so powerful that we are literally bombarded with images to the point that we simply tire of the concept much sooner than we did in the past. Chevron motif is a good example of this. The chevron is a classic decor element and, in some cases, it is still a valid option. Note the oak flooring below, for example. The yellow and white object with birds, not so much. Simply too saccharine. Zigzags are a little aggressive to the eye anyway, and, as a result, we tire of them quickly, especially if they are a strong, high contrast, decor element.dated yellow chevron decor motif with birds

hevron motif oak flooring

Stag’s heads are another tired element. Many were not thrilled with them in the first place. Along with tree stump tables, they are over. The remaining elements in the decor of a relaxed living room may be slightly rusticated or have a weathered finish, and look appropriate. In their more dramatic forms, reclaimed tree stumps can still be effective. A varnished, sawed off log, is mostly underwhelming. It is, however, a trend, that we believe is fading. Many of the elements in the room below work well, but the stags heads with the crystal chandelier simply do not. They are intrusive and mar an otherwise pleasing room design. The same goes for tree stump coffee tables.stag heads as decor in relaxed living room

stump coffee tableOne fresh trend idea that is becoming quite strong is Bohemian decor style. It is certainly not new, but it has come back and is a fun one. It is casual, eclectic and colourful, with elements of recycling. It is reminiscent of the hippy era and does contain elements that we sometimes consider dated. It is, however, a retro, globe-trotting style that we can embrace with a sense of fun, whimsy, and even romance. Elements such as woven wall hangings, lanterns, fringes, and fairly loud colours blend together is a mish-mash that somehow is just what we want now. In this fresh interpretation, we find the overall look charming.Bohemian style dining room with colourful weathered wood armoire and funky dishesRelated to this style are fabric prints that have an element of this globe-trotting flair. Nowadays, many of us have fairly easy access to travel opportunities. Even if we have not travelled much, we are bombarded by images from social media from all over the world. This affects our colour and design sense and makes us more accepting to the eclectic decor styles of other cultures. Our fabric technology is in a Golden Age of ability to produce fabrics in wondrous textures and durable and vibrant colours.funky bloom chair in vibrant yellow in a relaxed small living room

elegant and colourful reupholstered armchair in deep blue and floral fabricAnother interesting fresh trend new trend is the use of concrete accessories in interior design. It is a raw material that has elements of austerity and the natural world. The grey shades of concrete are very on trend. Concrete looks wonderful with wood tones and black.luxurious master bedroom with three sided linear gas fireplace, polished concrete floor, and large abstract artwork

Elegant Christmas decor with fireplace, charcoal wall panelling, and lighted branches in concrete pots

Ceramic and cement vases and vessels in all shapes and sizes are one of the fresh new trends on the horizon. They may be curvy, colourful, textured, faceted. They can stand alone or hold plants or flowers. They may also be quite oversized and used as floor vases.ceramic vases artistic with stone accentsTypography art has been on trend for some time now. That trend is on the way out, mainly because it has been so over-done. In small touches, used as accents, it still works well in room designs. It is the Keep Calm… mode that has become passé, partially because it had become too saccharine.Original art is a strong new trend, even in lower income homes. Many families have a resident artist and many of them are very good. It is a big deal to have an artist in the family, and their art should be displayed to some degree. It should be professionally mounted so as to show it to its’ best advantage. Art comes in many forms and it’s nice to support local artists. Fibre arts are also experiencing a resurgence. Wall hangings are no longer passé, but de rigueur. Shop local. Support an artist.funky woven wall art hanging in natural fibres in a colourful bedroomThe retro appeal of owls still has charm, but has been overdone, as well. Bird silhouettes on too many objects has caused us to tire of the motif. Other animals, such as octopi, have risen to take the place of owls and birds.

fresh and bright octopus print pillow

Dragonflies and beetles appear to be a rising new décor motif. Dragonflies were a very popular motif during the Victorian Arts and Crafts movement. We have also tired of the colour aqua. A room design with too much aqua now reads as a bit too feminine rather than restful. When greyed down in hue, it is more palatable. It also can look quite good when combined with rich colours such as deep brown or vibrant colours such as acid yellow. Blond wood tones lend a sense of the ocean or beach, so this colour mix can still work quite well.

We rarely seem to tire of denim, and in recent décor themes we have been seeing a lot of denim effect used. Indigo is the basis of denim so an upswing in our attraction to indigo is currently on trend. Blue and white is a classic colour pairing that we just never tire of. It’s always useful to keep an eye on trends when up-dating and renovating a home.upscale casual living room with denim day bed and large blue abstract artworkCall Mulberry Interiors now at (905) 849-6423 to book a consultation. We look forward to working with you to increase your enjoyment of your home.
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