Often in interior design we encounter clients who for one reason or another are not quite ready to proceed with full scale design purchases and extensive total renovations. Rather than live in a home that is dreary and unadorned while we work toward larger projects,  it is much more preferable to tweak our surroundings and make them look as good as we can in the short term. A design consultation and/or a paint colour consultation can prevent a wide variety of design ideas personalized to the clients home. Often we find that clients are happy with the results of the facelift for quite a long time. They wish they had done it sooner, rather than live with truly ugly rooms for years. Small changes such as a few new furniture pieces, updated paint colour, a feature wall of wallpaper, countertops, window coverings, artwork and lighting, accessories can look like big improvements. It can be up-lifting and fun. For instance a feature wall of a dynamic wallpaper or a new sofa and area rug can really add impact to a room design. Large artwork pieces are another powerful tool useful in the battle against blah interiors.     light and bright bedroom with teal dresser and matching colour blocked wall in tealLife can still be enjoyed while we are working toward a larger project in the home. The creativity of your interior designer or interior decorator can help your home to look better and keep you happy with your home through the years while you save for major projects. A facelift project can have surprising results.It can also help you get to know a designer or decorator that you would like to work with over several smaller projects and from starter home through full-scale home through down sizing your home. Homes often have insufficient lighting. We have encountered clients many times who simply don’t realize how poor the lighting in their home is. As a result, they have tended to shy away from bolder colour choices, feeling that those colours would make the room too dark. The room is dark if the lighting is inadequate, and painting the room a light colour in order to make it seem larger may only make the room bland. If the room is small, the actual size will not change with any paint colour.   The addition of lighting which is co-ordinated to your décor as well as boosting light levels can give a real boost to your quality of life. The enjoyment of a room is increased greatly if we can sit down and comfortably read a book or newspaper because the light is sufficient. We are thus able to enjoy more dramatic or deeper colours on the wall in a well lit room We no longer need to worry that we will make the room too dark if we use anything other than white or beige. It is very helpful to go light shopping with an interior designer. The choices in lighting these days are many and varied, and sometimes clients are overwhelmed at the range of choices. There is no need to settle for a safe choice. Bold and interesting lighting really add pizzaz to a room design.artisanal table lamp on diamond textured oak buffet against rust wall treatmentA professional colour consultation and subsequent professional painting can give you the confidence to try new colours. In a room such as the powder room, you may find that you enjoy a little drama. This is the bathroom that your guests will see so should not be left as an afterthought. The latest trendy colours can be easily incorporated into an existing colour scheme. For instance, painting the bath a fresh new blue and adding a row of creamy pillar candles can give you a whole new start on the day. An inset feature wall area of dramatic colour can be lighted with pot lights with huge effect on the decor impact of the room design. A dramatic chandelier can really add to the overall impact of the room design.

Paint is only paint, and can be changed easily when we tire of the colour. The feature wall may be stone or an eye-catching wall covering with excellent effect.This is the essence of a face-lift. We are able to enjoy our homes more fully now. It cannot be understated the effect that a new area carpet can give. An area rug anchors a furniture grouping, promotes an orderly feeling, and defines a space. We truly live in a golden age of choice. Why settle for simply plunking down a solid colour broadloom remnant. Your interior designer or interior decorator can guide you to area carpet styles that you might not have had the confidence to choose on your own. The overall effect will transform your use of the room.

A room that you previously rarely entered can actually become your favourite room in the house! A co-ordinating wall colour can make the room go from dreary and tired to vibrant and interesting. A beautifully subtle area carpet can be enjoyed for years to come. Paired with a well chosen wall colour the room becomes fabulous. When we tire of the wall colour, we can change it with little ado and create an entirely different colour story while retaining the carpet. This allows us to purchase a quality carpet that we will enjoy for many years.This room is pleasant and cozy with co-ordinating furniture and area carpet and accessories, all of which can be retained for use in the newly renovated home.contemporary high style living room with hide area carpet, light woof coffee table, modern fireplace with crushed glass, tan leather chairs, and charcoal mantel tileWith a bit of wood and thought, the inevitable clutter of our busy lives is dealt with but not actually hidden away like a guilty secret. Built in cabinetry can really make a room so much more pleasant to spend time in. The room becomes well-used and cheerful while being so. The result is a room that looks cared for and which works well for the family which lives there. A tatty old sofa and no storage would look very different. There is comfort and grace here.casually elegant living room with dark wall colour, tufted cream sectional, blue toss cushions, geometric area carpet, built-in cabinetry, and shell chandelierThe furniture in the room above is covered in elegant but hard wearing fabrics making the pieces functional as well as stunning. The area carpet is in a fresh, modern geometric, and the built-in cabinetry backs up the simple colour scheme. Tired artwork is another area that can make a huge décor difference. Updating well-worn favourites with new matting, adding in some fresh new artworks or having you interior designer or interior decorator point out new areas of the home that your art can be swapped to can totally refresh your space. In the small living room above the dramatic wall colour serves to create a cozy but interesting haven for this family. Many clients in smaller homes think they must wait for a larger home before they can have dramatic decor. Not so. It’s all a matter of scale and balance and it is your interior designer who will achieve it for you. white living room with shag rug and 3 sided fireplaceA new wall colour, window coverings, lighting, accent furniture or what have you are what are the elements of a facelift to keep us happy in our homes until we can do full renovations. We further enhance these small changes with paint colour, and paint is relatively easy to change when we want a different colour. Have your interior design consultatant, (Mulberry Interiors, of course) suggest new ways that your  furnishings can be arranged. This is called space planning. There’s more to arranging furniture than lining it all up along the walls. Space planning is a powerful tool. The addition of a large potted plant can also make a big difference in the look of a home. When you put something in a different place, the room is refreshed. Donate unused items or fix-it projects that you can’t face doing to a re-use centre. The removal of old computers, cell phones, college textbooks and the like will bring a feeling of freshness and renewal.elegant small living room with traditional fireplace, tall pottery vase with healthy house plant, and custom bookshelves

Reupholstering tired furniture is a way to used some of the fabulous array of fabrics that your interior designer has access to. Inherited pieces never looked so good. You will really enjoy using and displaying them rather than simply keeping them for the sake of sentiment. Wallpaper is back in wonderful new ways. Add sparkle with a feature wall or do a whole room in a glorious pattern. Large scale patterns can be quite elegant in the right setting. Due to the wonders of technology today’s wallpaper is easy to remove when the time comes. Update your kitchen with a new countertop, tile backsplash, new sink and faucet, and painted cabinets. Don’t forget to get rid of out-dated blinds and curtains. While you are saving for a total renovation of your kitchen, you can bring your kitchen up to date with a few new surfaces. Add granite or stone countertops. Counter top options are remarkable these days. There is no need to remain trapped in the 1950’s. funky and dramatic wallpaper mural with weathered growth rings of a tree and trendy bar chairConsult your interior design consultant at Mulberry Interiors for some interesting options. Mulberry Interiors 905-849-6423


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