Home decorating, paint colour consultation, and interior design in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, Milton, Vaughan or west Toronto all have a thread of common fact that run through the homes in these areas. We all desire an environment where we can spend relaxing down time in a quiet retreat from the pressures of our hectic daily lives. Colour and pattern play a large part in interior design projects and trends that come and go and the personal tastes of different clients make the process interesting. Even a single session paint colour consultation can generate a strong sense of direction change for a homeowner. It has been said that a dwelling is soulless without one warm, comfy chair. In the typical family room, the average family relaxes on cushioned sofas or overstuffed armchairs. The standard seating plan of one sofa and two matching or complementary armchairs with a coffee table in the middle is just right for some clients, while it is not necessarily the best way to achieve the intimacy or comfort that every family member needs. Along with a sense of comfort, many clients also want a little drama and impact in their home decor. Our mobile society has a wide variety of new and specialized needs for interior design. The electronic entertainment devices that we now have require new ways to design interiors. Families with very young children require more casual and cozy areas for reading bedtime stories, playing games, or watching videos. Families with teenagers may want to allow their children to entertain several of their friends at one time. We can design the rooms of the home to accommodate formal design for the adults as well as more casual areas for the younger members of the family. Seating is a common need throughout the many lifestyles of clients that we encounter. black feature wall in contemporary living roomFor instance, home decorating in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington or Milton may not necessarily be the same as home decorating in Etobicoke, Vaughan, or Scarborough. This is certainly not a hard and fast rule by any means. Homes in the suburbs tend to be larger and generally of newer construction. The larger size allows for larger furniture pieces. Smaller homes also can function well with large furniture pieces, just fewer of them. During an interior design consultation, your Mulberry Interiors interior design consultant can start by considering how your family actually uses the room. The furniture sourcing and space planning decisions will follow those needs. It is often not the size of the family that matters, it’s what you choose to do with the space that you have. Many furniture pieces now manufactured are intended to do double duty. There are furniture pieces that will work in any space, whether large or small.upscale casual living room with neutral transitional sofa, yellow geometric toss cushions, yellow table lamo, cow hide area carpet, and navy wall colourWhether your home is large or small, we still want our furniture space planning to encourage conversation and not block traffic. The focal point of a fireplace or entertainment centre is a common element in a large or small home. Dining spaces are still used in many homes. Some people entertain and some people never will. The personal lifestyle choices of clients are part of the fun of interior design. Sectional sofas can find a home in both types of dwelling. Quality of construction and materials will stand the test of time with any home furnishings (all photos courtesy of Better Homes or Houzz). Many furniture pieces look similar but vary greatly in quality. Whether you purchase vintage, new, traditional, or modern, the construction and materials should be high quality. Kitchen and bathroom design tends to the more clean-lined styles these days, all across the GTA. We are bombarded with images of trendy design no matter where we life or what our lifestyle, and we are not limited to style influences only from North America, but from around the globe. There is a strong trend toward industrial style furnishings, as well as live edged wood. These are beautiful and refreshing furniture pieces and home decor has changed a lot as a result of this trend. upscale dramatic kitchen with black cabinetry and live edge dining tableYour interior designer can assist you in obtaining pieces that are good value and appropriate for your room and your specific needs. Unless good structure and real value are built into your furniture sourcing, you will not be happy with your pieces. Unless the furniture is strong and well made the furniture won’t wear well. Sturdy construction is vital for furniture that is used daily. The frame should be hardwood, such as birch, maple or ash as opposed to pine, poplar or fir. Particleboard is prone to splitting and chipping and is used in lower quality furniture, hence the lower price. Wood joints should be mortise and tenon or dovetail. These joints are much stronger than butted and screwed joints or glued joints. A frame that is stapled together or which fits together poorly is a sign of poor quality construction. The furniture piece should not feel light or flimsy. Sofas and loveseats should not sag in the middle. Sagging indicates insufficient bracing and support. Sagging will only increase over time and the sofa may even break at that point. These poorly constructed pieces are often difficult to get in and out of for people with impaired movement. The coils in the seat and/or back of the piece act like the box spring of a mattress. They give the piece firmness and stability and determine how long the furniture piece will stand up to daily use. The greatest stability is offered by steel coil springs that are hand-tied where they meet the adjoining coils.upscale home great room with tall arched window, custom draperies, square armed white sofa and paired armchairs, and assembled large artworkFurnishings turn rooms into a comfortable home. Proper care will also keep your furnishings looking good while they add enjoyment to your home. Although families with young children and houses with pets often have extra work to maintain upholstered furnishings in particular, prudent care is worth the effort. Hunter Douglas has made a point of adding safety features to their window blinds, as well as maintaining an approach to offering top quality products with innovative features. transitional living room with turquoise chaiseIt is also worthwhile to note that it may be fairly simple to avoid some types of damage to upholstered furniture. To reduce fabric fading, for instance, avoid letting full sun shine on textiles. Control the light with shades, blinds, or custom draperies.  The subject of professional interior design is an enormous topic which can only be touched on here. Home decorating is extremely personal whether you live in Toronto or the surrounding suburbs.upscale living room with sofas covered in linen and paired striking lamps

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