In interior design projects black can be stylish, add a little or a lot of drama, and even make the room design tend to be a little larger than life. It is anything but depressing, because it has the power to enhance furnishings as well as other colours that are used in the room. It can also act as a unifying element to make a collection more cohesive. Often, there is a feeling of Hollywood “Glam” in a room where black is used. What fun to live in such an elegant living space.Besides, lots of people are afraid to use black in their home decor. If you are not one of those people, here are some ideas to consider.dramatic large floor vase in textured black and gold

living room vignette with long black console table, paired glass globes with metal bases and candles, paired leather ottomans, and dark wall colourEven a relatively small room with simple finishes has a wow factor when black is a part of the colour palette. The overall look of the room design is one of balance and grounding. It enhances very ordinary wooden elements in a spectacular way. It is also quite relaxing to live with. There is no need to ramp up the drama further. It is already there!urban rustic kitchen with reclaimed wood hutch, black open shelving and wall painted Baby Seal BlackEven tiny, charming rooms can benefit from a touch of black. Black can transition a room design made up of traditional as well and contemporary style elements and pull it off with panache. It can be part of the artwork, the lighting, the furniture, and even the drapery treatments. The room design can be masculine, feminine, or a little of both. With an elegant black grass cloth wall covering as a backdrop, a room design might also have a geometric area carpet that uses black as part of the design. Black looks wonderful with silver, as well. Even pastel colours added to the mix become part of the overall balance. Had the room design been done in all lighter colour shades, the end result would tend to be a little confusing; less finished.masculine style living room with dramatic feature wall in geometric texture black tile, inset wood lined niches, and flat screen televisionAn element of fun as well as a little daring is introduced when black is used. A strongly geometric wall covering in black and silver leaves the viewer with no illusions but that a lot of style is present. The room design is dynamic, as well as restful. A variety of pattern sizes adds creativity, depth, and visual interest. All this strong pattern is not for every client, but many love the look. That’s the great versatility of using black in interior design.dramatic black small bathroom with floor to ceiling glossy black subway tile and traditional style pipe legged sink with black marble topAdding artwork that uses black adds black to the room without overpowering the viewer who ma prefer a more restful palette. Clear, acrylic furnishings lend a sense of spaciousness to a room design that uses black in a strong way.striking living room with paired clear acrylic chairs, paired black tables, black console table, and chandelier, with large black and cream abstract artworkBlack can ever work well in a child’s room. As always, balance is the key. Keeping the room open and airy as well as repeating elements of black in the room design create a room design that is not just the same old baby’s room. Black looks wonderful with cream. It can be used simply as an accent that we see repeated throughout the accessories or the lighting, for instance.square lined fireplace in deep charcoal with cream chaise and built-in cabinetry adjacent

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