In most of our interior design projects, nothing says “rich, formal and luxurious” like billowing silk or velvet curtains. Even semi-sheer custom draperies can add a sense of luxury. Along with a sumptuous look, they lend softness and glamour to the décor of the formal dining room. The curtains and drapes are as important to the interior design of the dining room as the furniture, linens, and chandelier. While the lines and finish of the furnishings are a key element in the room, it’s essential to have some fabric to add a touch of softness and luxury. Any of the rooms of the home can benefit from the beauty of draperies and in the more formal rooms of the home, it is desirable to have them in order to carry a formal ambiance. Window treatments have a huge visual impact on the décor of any room; they make a home look lived in, and the room design look complete and polished. upscale traditional living room in neutral colour palette with custom furniture and draperies and ceiling molding detailThe style of the room, whether traditional or contemporary, determines the style of the draperies. Tailored draperies suit a more contemporary design, while more flowing drapes tend to be better for traditional rooms. In either case, the draperies should not be skimpy or unlined. They should be of generous proportions, and fall the full length of the window. They should be installed on decorative drapery hardware. Draperies should extend six to nine inches beyond the window frame so that the frame is not visible.clean lined eclectic dining room with wrapped leather dining chairs, grey buffet, deep charcoal wall colour, and large abstract artwork in white, gold and blueMany people enjoy the look of shutters or blinds unadorned by draperies. Often, Blinds or shutters alone will not pull the look off. Shutters, if well made by a quality manufacturer, can be an elegant part of an upscale home’s decor also. Often, top quality shutters or innovative blinds are a good start to the window treatment process. Draperies soften and complete the look. Soft, flowing fabrics with a bit of lustre look dramatic and elegant in traditional spaces. Linens and cottons often suit more casual, contemporary spaces. The guest room and bathrooms, also should receive a similar treatment.  Guests will enjoy their time with you all the more for the special treatment and attention to detail that the room they stay in has been given. These rooms are an important part of the home.sophisticated upscale dining room with textured grey wallcovering, custom draperies, blue fabric chairs, series globe lighting, and contemporary abstract area rugThe flow of colour throughout the home is continued into the dining room. Chair seats may be the same fabric or the same colour as the draperies. The chair seats are an opportunity to introduce pattern to the room. If the dining room gets regular use, drapery fabric will not stand up to the demands put upon it by wear and tear. Formal draperies extend from about four inches above the window to the floor and are often mounted on decorative rods with finials and rings. The cost of this decorative hardware often comes as a surprise to clients. Good quality drapery hardware is complex in design and construction, and can be likened to furniture on a small scale.  The drapery hardware should relate to the furnishings and style of the room. Draperies should be constructed at least two and a half times fullness. That is, much more full than the simple width of the window frame. The frame should be fully covered and the drapes should extend several inches beyond the window frame on to the wall.elegant masculine living room with clean lines, square arm chair, tripod floor lamp, custom draperies, and large artwork to the floorOften, clients fear that they will lose light by having fuller draperies. In fact, nothing looks worse than skimpy “rags” hanging limply from cheap looking drapery hardware, or I beam hardware that is intended to be hidden. Short draperies rarely suit the window whether it’s the dining room or any other room that we are decorating. Lining is an important part of draperies in any interior design project. A basic cotton lining will protect the fabric to some degree from sun damage, while allowing some light to filter into the room. Drapes that are lined with top quality lining, and interlined with flannel are a thing of beauty. The extra fullness of the double lining makes the face fabric hang sumptuously. Even fully lined like this, light can filter through the layers so the feeling is not one of darkness. A blackout lining will provide complete darkness, which is a great help to those with troubled sleep, or who work shifts. The insulating flannel layer helps to keep the heat in in winter and out in the summer. Draperies lend a finished look to any room, as well as an air of sophistication.

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