Interior design trends come and go and many people pay close attention to what is current according to mass media. This approach works well for some people who are happy to change their décor regularly. Many more people are much happier with a mix of classic pieces with some new things added in to liven up their décor. Life is always changing and there really is nothing that you choose for your home today that you will not be at least a little tired of twenty years from now. dramatic blue and white bedroom with blue grasscloth wall coveringBold blue has been a strong trend for some time now. Whether your home is large or small, there is likely a place for this blue trend. It may be simply the lining of a tall bookcase. It may even be a ceiling. We find that clients are much more adventurous than they sometimes were in the past. This may be partly because of their exposure to dramatic interior design concepts in the media. Blue will likely be with us for some time in a strong way because it is so easy to live with. It is rarely jarring. Classic navy blue is a part of all of this and looks wonderful with white as well as with other colors, such as pink, cream, gray, coral and sage.classic wood console table with dark emerald green-teal wall colourTeals and turquoise are holding their own in today’s décor scene, and green, which was very over-used in the past, is also making a comeback. Some clients may never be ready for green again, and many do not like to see even a green undertone in colour shades. Natural wood shades mix very well with rich or deep colour shades for a touch of the natural world in a transitional or contemporary living space. Black looks wonderful with natural wood, and a bit of mossy green adds the finishing touch.dramatic black dining room with wood table, nail studded dining chairs, contemporary tiled fireplace wall, black chandelier, and crystal vases with green spheres,Brass and gold coloured metals have returned in several forms as a strong element in design. It has been well received by many, although, there are others who feel that it is still too soon for the return of brass to their homes. Bold patterns are definitely here to stay, at least for awhile. This is being seen in wallpapers, fabrics and area carpets. The use of pattern is fun and lends an edgy feel to the room design. Yellows are stronger and more vibrant now, and they look terrific with strong pattern.upscale home office with deep charcoal walls, large red abstract painting, hammered brass table lamp, and mahogany desk with brass legsTile used in kitchens and bathrooms has become not only patterned, but made in interesting shaped due to advances in technology. These come in beautiful mixes of material with some offerings being a mix of stone, glass and metals. The range of choice is phenomenal. Because large areas of pattern in a hard surface are difficult to remove when the trend fades, it may be best to use this concept as an accent rather than a main feature. Less is more. That being said, tiling your kitchen backsplash to the ceiling looks wonderful, is easy care, and depending on the tile chosen, you will likely love the look for many years.  Tiles, themselves have really become innovative in character and are now made in extremely large sizes.  Fireplace facings are no longer brick, but are often very large format tiles, creating a very clean, contemporary look.contemporary fireplace with smooth rusticated finish tile facingBlack is back in a big way. Room interiors have always looked a little better with at least a little black, but now black is being used as a wall or ceiling colour, on large furnishings, and in small rooms. We are less timid about black now. It is not for everyone. Some clients still see it as something that is not for them. So be it. For the rest of us, we love it.elegant and dramatic bedroom in masculine style with very tall upholstered headboard, dark wall colour, faux fur throw, and tall branch in vaseAbstract artwork is being used in many more room designs and by clients who were previously not at all drawn to this form of art. The pieces are often quite large, as well.  Area carpets have become more of a painterly abstract form as well. These accessories are part of a general softening of the contemporary design look. In the past, contemporary design was hard edged, minimal, almost clinical looking, as well as uncomfortable looking. Most people love to be comfortable in their homes, as opposed to merely having a home that looks good. Today’s contemporary room designs look wonderful, but they also look comfortable and not just staged for show. You can live in these rooms. Removal of unnecessary walls is a strong trend, allowing for a more fluid feel within the home. Traditional materials and colours used in these contemporary homes lend a sense of time and history and the overall effect is one of a softer form of interior design.

 Industrial design and natural elements are both strong in interiors today. Lighting that looks like it came out of a factory is fun and lends an almost sculptural element to a room design. Many people have adopted the loft lifestyle with its exposed brick, weathered hardwood flooring, and tall, steel windows. Rusticated tufted leather sofas look wonderful in these interiors, along with reclaimed wood furnishings. Dramatic accessories look good in these spaces, as well as abstract artwork. Natural wood sculptures, stone wall features, fabric art forms, and softened metallics all bring a sense of the environment and a larger world view.  Neutral colours are used, but they are a richer form of neutral than we have been used to. These rich and restful hues provide a welcoming and cozy backdrop to the furnishings of the home. There is also a shift away from the “where can I get it cheaper” mentality to a “I want to love the look of my home” mindset. Real comfort and enjoyment of the home is based of an expectation of being able to afford quality workmanship and luxurious materials. Textures add warmth and a sense of home. Natural materials are exceptionally beautiful and are chosen for looks as well as durability. Technology plays a part in producing wonderful and exciting materials for interior design which add drama and warmth and which are also hard wearing. Botanicals and insect prints are strong as well. These are shown in the form of fabrics as well as wallpapers. They add a sense of fun as well as history and of the natural world. They look wonderful in traditional as well as contemporary interiors. Since they come from classic design, they will be a lasting trend.industrial style loft condo living room with distressed leather sofa, muted area rug, wheeled coffee table, and black floor lampSince 1993 Mulberry Interiors, headed by colour specialist, Marguerite Roberts,  interior design consultants has been assisting clients in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton, Milton, Georgetown, Etobicoke, western Toronto, and Vaughn. We specialize in residential interior design and decorating and are at our most creative when we use colour as our theme. We offer a full range of interior design services such as choosing paint colours, area rugs, space planning, furniture sourcing, custom draperies and soft furnishings, lighting, flooring selection and accessories.

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