Residential interior design and decor in Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown and west Toronto has been our forte since 1993. Interior design can take many forms and avenues, depending on the needs and personal taste of the client. We can, for instance, bring a tired interior to life through the addition of texture and dramatic artwork and accessories. Many times a creative new colour palette can really add an enormous boost to the look of the home. The colour palette may begin with a moody subdued hue as seen in the dark blue textured paint finish in the room below, and yet, the room is made vibrant and interesting through the addition of a navy velvet sofa with vibrantly coloured toss cushions. The eye is drawn to points of interest and functional areas of the room design are delineated more clearly but without adding obstacles to movement in the space. Furniture does not always need to be in a neutral shade to work well. The artwork in the room below has a feeling of fun, as well as a sense of history through the ornate gilded framing. Over the nearly thirty years that Mulberry Interiors has worked with clients, we have met a very wide range of personalities. It’s always a lot of fun to work with a client who, although not afraid to try a daring colour choice, is just not sure how to pull off the idea.upscale casual living room with navy velvet nail studded sofa, colourful velvet toss cushions, large artworks, and grey blue wall finishColour combinations are trending to more vibrant hues now, and there is a sense of fun. We’ve come through a trying time in history and are ready to move forward to lifestyles with a little more cheerfulness.Bohemian living room with tufted pink velvet sofa, floral area rug and brass lightingThe home in question need not be large or imposing to benefit greatly from a bit of colour expertise. In many cases, architectural elements can make a strong statement. Fireplace and moulding details create a posh wow-factor. Crisp white built-ins and trim paired with dramatic neutrals establish a solid base to progress from. A monochromatic colour scheme can be sharpened with touches of hot neon colours, or softened with cream. Large and dramatic artwork adds more than a little impact to a room design. Sometimes, it has enough impact and power to carry the bulk of the design of the room. Furniture arrangement is a key element of interior design and space planning. Tiny though a room may be, the furniture pieces can often be arranged to optimize conversational comfort. It often happens, even in larger homes, that furniture placement is not conducive to comfortable conversation. Furnishings that are too far apart can subtly inhibit the flow of conversation. Many clients are willing to try a bit of DIY but appreciate some guidance. They prefer not to take on too large a project to start. In the room below, a very rustic door has had the many layers of paint removed. Rather than simply paint the door, this funky item adds immense charm to the otherwise white colour scheme. It looks fabulous! It’s like a piece of art.charming casual home painted mainly white with weathered interior door It is crucial in any home to keep clutter at bay. Many people add too many small decor pieces to their rooms in the vain hope that drama and interest will result. It is far better to have a few larger statement pieces that draw the eye across the room, lending a greater feeling of spaciousness, even in a small room design. Dramatic colour can often be used in a tiny space to good effect. Interior design effects such as repetition of interesting elements, the use of striking accessories, and artwork, and colour blocking can be extremely effective in the smaller home room design.Touches of neutral colour, lighter colours, architectural mouldings, piping details add elegance and class to even a small room. Symmetrical placement of furniture, lighting and accessories lends a clean, contemporary ambience. Diagonal arrangements, by contrast, add a new look of softness and a spacious feel. Furniture pieces which are able to do double duty make the best use of small living areas. Arranging seating away from the wall helps to make a large room more cozy.Since many people have continued to work from home, the home office is becoming much more tailored to suit the specif worker that uses the space. The home office is becoming a happier place to be.elegant home office with deep blue cabinetry storage and cow hide area rugStorage is often an issue in the smaller home and this aspect of furniture doing double duty is very useful as well as effective and it looks good, too. The addition of a time-worn and cherished family piece of furniture such as an old trunk or cabinet inject personality into space planning. Artifacts gathered on holiday can be displayed creatively to add texture and depth to a room. So often, treasured furniture pieces and accessories are stored away because the home owner is unsure how to use and display these things to best advantage. Furniture made from dark woods looks stunning and add richness to serene neutrals. These dark woods look wonderful with today’s technology pieces in black. The overall effect is one of richness and depth. When an art wall is the desired effect, the collection is enhanced by forcing the outer edge of the collection to follow a tidy line. This prevents a cluttered look. The overall depth of colour of the pieces should be similar, and the framing should related in each piece.vintage Oriental credenza with mustard yellow patina on black and white checkered floorDarker exterior colours can elevate even a tiny home with dramatic appeal. Sedate elements combined with dramatic elements make a house a home.Pillows can be transient colour accents to greatly change a room seasonally. We can be more daring with these accent pieces. We are able to use more dramatic colour choices than we may be otherwise inclined to use. Décor need not remain static, year in, year out. Simple drapery panels in different fabrics can be swapped out seasonally, as can the accessories, to maintain a constantly refreshed space. Unique, handmade art pieces can be showcased to great effect, even in a small room. Bright tropical colours can be exchanged for deep jewel tones for an uplifting seasonal effect.   Since 1993 Mulberry Interiors, headed by colour specialist, Marguerite Roberts, has been assisting clients in Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Burlington, Brampton, Milton, Georgetown, Caledon, Toronto, and Vaughan. We specialize in residential interior design and decorating and are at our most creative when we use colour as our theme. We offer a full range of interior design products and services such as fine furnishings, custom draperies, window blinds and shutters, area carpets, artwork and accessories, paint colour consultations, space planning and decor advice.

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