My how time does fly. Some trends will begin to fade and some will gather speed. Gray has become a classic and many clients are happy to continue to embrace its serenity and elegance for the longer term, while others are ready for a new interior design direction, feeling that grey no longer inspires them.

Floating shelves will likely become a dated look in 2023. Much longer shelves are more practical than stacked small shelves, which often tend to look cluttered, and have been way overdone. The longer shelves lend an efficiency of space planning to a room, as well. floating shelves on glass tile backsplashOversized light fixtures have proved impractical in some room designs and will tend to be replaced with fixtures that are still striking but more in keeping with the scale of the room. Gone are the chandeliers the size of the dining room table.oversized triptych of pendant light fixtures in an urban loft settingWarmer colour shades, pops of vibrant colour, and highlight walls ( feature walls, accent walls) will become more dominant. Highlight walls will usually be the first wall that you  see as you enter the room. They can also be geometric arrangements of molding or slat wood. Colours will be bolder and sometimes in unexpected shades and combinations.Vintage furniture, flea market finds and other recycled decor items will have a more prominent place in home decor. Rough textured pieces will continue to remain popular. Aged, earthy finishes that look as if they has had an interesting past and have a story to tell are in. Handmade artisanal pieces will be desirable. They look as if they were made by an individual and are perhaps, perfectly imperfect. Stained and weathered wood pieces will be popular, especially if they have a handmade or historical ambiance to them. spectacular reclaimed wood and metal cabinet with clean lines

The minimalistic “modern-organic” trend will start to fade in 2023 interior design. It is generally a mix of mid-century modern furnishings, often a bohemian look, with macrame hangings and house plants. This look was extremely popular in 2022 and many homeowners have largely tired of it now, noticing that many homes look too similar to each other.charming colourful small Boho style living room with deep turquoise wall colour, green sofa and healthy house plantsThere will be a strong trend to the perfectly imperfect look of Zellige tiles. It is a “perfectly imperfect” look and quite and white zellige tileThere will be more colour used in 2023, especially moody hues in wall colours, as well as toss cushions and area rugs. Furniture colours will become more vibrant.dramatic simple upscal living room with deep blue wall panelling and orange tufted sofa and white area rugThere will be a  move to bold curves in furnishings as well as staircases in 2023. Arched doorways and curves around exterior walls will become architectural features in renovation as well as in new build homes.informal traditional bedroom with ornate arch top large mirror and distressed night tableThere will be a return to more ornate detailing, as well as a return to Art Deco, with brighter colours, symmetry, and geometric patterns.classic traditional living room in masculine style with tufted leather, nail studded chairs, ornate wood panelling, floor lamp, and charcoal wall colourThe home office will become a friendlier space, design-wise with comfortable features added. The home office will be designed precisely to suit the worker that uses the space.upscale home office with deep charcoal walls, large red abstract painting, hammered brass table lamp, and mahogany desk with brass legsMedia rooms, home gyms, saunas, and games rooms will be on the rise.lovely modern green living room with bucket chairs, shuttered storage, Hunter Douglas Luminette shades, and white media unit for televisionThere will be a focus on maximizing natural light with large windows and reflective surfaces.elegant and comfortable, clean lined dining room with large windows and rectangular lightingCall Mulberry Interiors now at (905) 849-6423 to book a consultation. We specialize in Paint Colour and Desin Consultations. We look forward to working with you to increase your enjoyment of your home.

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