Interior Design Services

Mulberry Interiors is a full service interior decor company providing the following:
  • Full Interior Decor Service
  • Paint Colour Consultations
  • Fine Furnishings
  • Custom Draperies Shutters and Blinds
  • Flooring and Area carpets
  • Space Planning for Residential Spaces
  • Accessories and Wall Art

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Located in Oakville, Ontario, we work with clients all over the Greater Toronto Area.

Interior design can take many forms. Our range of interior design and decor services can be accessed in several ways. Fine furnishings and custom window coverings, as well as area carpets, lighting and art and accessories are our main focus. We also do bathrooms and kitchens.

You may prefer to start with a colour consultation. Colour consultations are a specialty as they offer excellent value to the client. Paint colour can serve to unite a mish mash of décor styles and to update a tired interior. It can also make new purchases such as furniture look their best. A colour consultant is also able to keep an interior design and decorating plan on track as he or she will assist the client in making choices for new pieces to be introduced. The consultation process is along the lines of a conversation whereby the designer and client interact in order to fine tune the finished design result.

Every project is different and that is part of the fun. A very finished look can be achieved when the client and designer communicate well. Mind reading is a myth. We do need to know your real budget in order to achieve the finished design. Yes, nice things can be pricy.

We offer a complete service and have access to many talented tradespeople that can achieve our interior home design requirements. Our tradespeople are polite, punctual and very skilled.


Interior design often involves window treatments. No room looks truly complete without beautifully constructed window treatments. Draperies soften the edges of the room and are a vehicle for colour as well. Whether we provide full scale, floor length drapes, top quality blinds or shutters, or valance treatments, we always access professional construction and sewing methods and beautiful, high quality fabrics, linings and hardware.


Colour is one of our most powerful tools in achieving a pleasing space. A paint colour consultation is a great way to make a big difference in the look of your home. The refreshing new colours will add an ambiance and personality to your home that may take you in a whole new direction.  Whether you crave a soothing, neutral space or something more dramatic, the use of colour is often the key to the overall look. Even a small home is able to enjoy glorious colour choices.


Since 1993, Mulberry Interiors has served the interior design and decor needs of residential clients in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, and the surrounding area, providing a full décor service. Whether you require simply a paint colour or interior design consultation, or a full revamp of your space, we can provide interior design and decorating  advice, new furnishings, custom draperies, lighting, floorings, area carpets, art work and accessories, as well.


Furnishing the home is a large part of the interior design process. When furnishing homes, we endeavour to source North American made furniture products whenever possible. The quality of the piece is key. Whether the room style is to be traditional or contemporary, the furniture must be not only beautiful, but of a lasting quality and construction.


One of the hardest working surfaces in our homes is the floor. It must be beautiful, as well as durable, and appropriate for the space and for the lifestyle of the client. We live in an age of wonderful choice and variety. Whether we install hardwood, laminate, carpet or vinyl, the materials must be well made and produced with the environment in mind. We also source beautiful area carpets for the room designs of our clients. The wonderful play of colour in an area carpet often gives a room design that WoW! factor.


As many of our clients live in large homes as live in smaller ones. Our interior design services enable our clients to live more comfortably in their homes. So often we work with clients who struggle with the limits of their space. We are here to assist you with these issues by focusing on the intended purpose of the space and helping you to define the elements in the room that will achieve this. Floor plans are a part of this space planning process. They enable us to visualize the furniture in the space in a variety of ways. Many a tiny home has been made to resemble a palace with good space planning.


No room design plan is complete without the art work and accessories. Part of the interior design process is to produce pleasing sight lines and furniture placement. We layer in draperies and colour. The whole picture is finished with appropriate art and accessory pieces. A room design should be carried to completion for best effect.

Whether your interior design style is traditional, contemporary, casual or formal or a blend of one or more styles, we listen to your ideas. With our expertise and guidance you may be able to be a little more daring than you can be on your own. Interior design should be fun as well as practical.

That is why we say that Mulberry Interiors is “Where Creativity Meets Practicality.”

 Call for a Colour or Design Consultation (905) 849-6423