Area Rugs

Adding an area rug to a room design is a powerful way to add colour, comfort, dimension, texture, warmth, and even drama to the overall look. The colour scheme of the room may be inspired by the design elements of the carpet used. There are right and wrong ways to add the wonderful qualities to the room. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to add a postage sized area rug to a large room. The rug looks lost and the intentioned effect is not achieved. The effect of a beautiful carpet in the correct size for the room cannot be overstated.

In a dining room all the chairs should be entirely on the carpet. There is not only comfort underfoot for the diners, but there is also a sense of coziness as well as having the dining area defined. Some types of rugs are fragile and so should not be used under dining tables as the movement of the chairs would be detrimental to the carpet. The design impact of a colourful carpet in any room may also lead the room design from a more traditional look to a more contemporary one.

Contemporary style room designs are must more popular now than in the past, and area carpets may have a strong leaning toward the abstract. This is not for every client but it is definitely a trend that we have noticed.

Some contemporary style room designs may be a mix of contemporary elements and colours with an area rug of a more transitional, rarely traditional design. This results in a creative and refreshing looking room that is very easy to live in.

Truly dramatic room designs may be achieved through the combination of many interesting design elements in addition to the area rug. These rooms are wonderful from the perspective of interior design, but they are also very comfortable to live in and easy to take care of.


Some areas of the home are often neglected from an interior design point of view. Often, the foyer of many homes is surprisingly bland. This is unfortunate since this is the first impression that your guests have of your home. An exciting area rug can make all the difference. The right area rug can make an otherwise bland room into something quite welcoming and even exciting.

That being said, a room need not necessarily be dramatic, but rather, simply comfortable and cozy, with a bit of casual flair.