Custom Draperies

Custom draperies have a way of adding elegance and an air of completion to a room design. Some casual rooms look just fine with little of no window treatment. Most rooms, however, do look much better with the windows dressed.

Even casual rooms benefit from the addition of shutters or blinds, as a way of controlling in-coming solar rays, which are very damaging to fine furnishings. Windows with blinds or shutters can be made softer in line with stationary side panel draperies either side of the window.

Full draw draperies are draperies which fully close over the window. They not only block light and maintain privacy from the street, they also add an element of warmth, both in ambiance as well as by blocking drafts.

Valances may cover the drapery rod or the rod may be exposed in the centre. This requires that the drapery hardware be decorative in type, as opposed to merely functional I beam rod. I beam rod is never meant to be seen, but unfortunately, due to it’s low cost, many people have installed their draperies with this utilitarian rod visible. It is by far preferable to install draperies on the beautiful hardware shown below.