Paint colour is one of the largest and most visible elements in the design of a room. Wall colour in a room design is as important to the room as our skin is to us. You can maximize the enjoyment of your home by using colours that truly please the eye. Doubt can easily creep into the process of choosing what colour to paint the house. Whether painting inside or out, the return on the dollar is extremely high, as long as the colours chosen are beautiful. In addition, the correct colour choices can also help you to:


  • Achieve pleasing and elegant flow of colour throughout your home

  • Avoid the stress of wondering if you have chosen correctly

  • Allow you to consider more daring colour schemes with confidence

  • Enhance the appearance of investment furnishings due to appropriate and complementary colour combinations

  • Make tired furnishings show to their best advantage due to enhancing adjacent colour

  • Improve the mood and emotions that you experience while using a room

  • Brighten poorly lit spaces without the addition of more lighting

  • Get more use out of the entire home, once each zone is coloured beautifully

  • Make home office spaces pleasant environments

  • Compartmentalize areas of the home, even in open concept areas 


Your home is the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime. It makes sense to make it something that you can be proud of. A custom palette of colour options chosen just for you and your home create a welcoming environment that you will love coming home to…learn more