Purchasing a sofa is a big deal, so colour choice is important. You likely will be looking at that piece of furniture for quite some time. That is, unless you buy a poor quality one. In that case you will likely be rid of it in a few years, and on to a new one. OK. We’re kidding. nevertheless, you may be very happy with a well constructed sofa in a bold colour. The trend for 2023 is toward bold colour choices in sofas. We are seeing beautiful colour options based on colours from nature, as well as some really beautiful and interesting neutral shade. Depth of colour, some interesting muted pastels, as well as patterns with class lend comfort and character to our living spaces. Greys have been very popular as a go to colour choice for sofas for quite some time, with only a few daring colour choices being opted for. Lately, though, we have been seeing some daring new hues being placed in homes.

Light blue is often a great choice for current times, being restful, as well as positive and a little bit subtle. Light blue works well in many colour palettes, and has a timeless quality. It also works well made into many sofa styles,  and room designs. It lives happily in funky, playful designs, as well as a more minimalist vibe. Traditional style interiors also suit the timelessness of a light blue sofa, so that the homeowner may not tire of an investment piece in just a few years. Style trends may come and go, but a light blue sofa can be worked into newer roomscapes. Light may suit the client who is not ready for bold colour in a sofa, but is ready to entertain a newer design direction.

Deeper blues are on the rise as well, especially if they have a grey undertone. A relaxed ambiance is often the first impression in a room with a deep blue sofa. It looks wonderful and very contemporary even in a high contrast colour scheme with bright white. In smaller homes, lower contrast colour schemes allow the eye to roam right into the corners, lending a greater feeling of spaciousness. As trends progress, likely blues will be brighter and more intense, with the grey being less popular. wide view of small living room in deep blue with curved and funky blue velvet loveseat with small abstract art pieces in a small living roomPattern in interior design really catches the eye. This can be overwhelming if not skillfully used. In addition, some clients prefer lower contrast colour schemes so are unlikely to opt for patterned surfaces in their home. more subtle patterning is often acceptable, though, especially in smaller accent items, that can be stored away when the eye becomes fatigued. colours used in complex arrangements can play off each other so the final effect is a muted one, rather than offensive. Other elements in the room design can be added to complement and emphasize one or more colours in a pattern. wide stripes are a new trend that is popular with those who enjoy stronger contrasts and a little more drama. This has an element of 70’s nostalgia which is fun and funky, while bringing a freshness to the room design. Bold geometric patterns are a design element that is a reference to the past, as well as a new trend to watch for.relaxed upscale small living room with black lined book case, dark wood end table, and tan and grey striped armchairDare we mention yellow? It may not be for you but it definitely is a terrific choice for some clients. It not only brings a sense of fun, but is also a nod to historical design where it was used extensively. In a luxurious fabric, yellow is a real winner. the dramatic effect of yellow can be taken to greater lengths using colour blocking in an identical shade to draw the eye up. Repetition of a design element, even a very daring one, can lend presence, as well as balance. Paired with cool grey, we encounter classic colour theory. The trend away from grey simply will not apply to some clients. Yellow and grey look wonderful together. You just don’t get this much fun out of many other colours. Interior design is in a nostalgic period, with fond  remembrance of design elements and colours we grew up with. The room below is a joyful. Interior design modern bright room with sofaEarthtone colours are also strong in 2023, rust being one of them. it can be luxurious as well as fun. The idea of rust is of the passage of time and its effect on the material world. The complement of rust, or orange is blue. Creating a room design with both rust and blue is quite soothing. A room design with more rust is more dynamic. wide view of richly coloured deep orange and plum relaxed living room with comfortable rust sGreen can often be as calming as blue can in a room design. It can also make quite a statement if the intensity is increased. Tropical greens are vibrant, fresh and cheerful. Olive green is classy, and often references the past. Bright green is being seen in sofas much more in 2023. It really pops in combination with muted pink, for a Boho effect. Wallpaper murals have become a strong element in interior design and really add drama to the total effect.dynamic living room with green velvet sofa, black and white tile flooring, gold drum coffee table, and flowing green leaf wallpaper muralBright green is just the thing for clients weary of the same old thing come around again. funky and elegant living room withbright emerald green sofa, black and white herringbone area carpet, dep charcoal wall colour, and black and white abstract artworkAs an element of the return to beige we are seeing an upswing in the use of cream in sofa colour. Cream lends a softness to a contemporary colour scheme. This was seen in the strong trend in 2022 toward cream boucle sofas. The woolly textural element referenced our draw toward natural environments and materials, as well as toward muted colour palettes. Luxurious interiors are often quite light in colour, perhaps because the luxury home owner often is not affected by the task of keeping the light coloured design elements looking clean and new. In more casual room designs, cream looks wonderful with deep wall colours such as charcoal grey or deep brown. Exposed brick is an industrial element that is very popular and often has cream elements in the brick grouting. The individual elements are luxurious, but the overall effect can be relaxed, cozy, very warm, as well as dramatic.cute and happy beagle on cream sofa with paired geometric chairs, mirrored coffee table and large uttermost wall clock on deep charcoal wallcolourBrown, in general, is another strong trend, and with it, light brown in the form of camel, sand, and burnt toffee is making an appearance, being not exactly the old beige we tired of years ago, but bringing an element of calm minimalism to the scene, which certainly may be an improvement over the previous automatic choosing of beige, whatever that is. formal living room with nail studded light brown sofa, custom draperies on decorative hardware, crown molding, starburst mirror, and dark brown ceiling colourMagenta is Pantone’s Colour of the Year so why not enjoy it in a daring and bold sofa so you can enjoy a touch of luxury as well as a bit of frivolity? The purple sofa below in button tufted velvet conveys a similar sense of upbeat elegance.wide view of funky purple magenta velvet tufted sofa with black cat wallpaper, paired table lamps, and weathered stone tone antique buffetMoss green can also be stunning as a new colour choice. It is almost an historical colour and regularly shows up in high end interiors magazines, so it is a timeless choice for a sofa. It looks wonderful with metals such as brass. It also has a bit of Boho flair, so pairs well with funky, retro elements, as well as very distressed reclaimed wood. Since it is a classic colour, classic and classy black and white tile suits it, too.dramatic and beautiful living room with lime green velvet tufted sofa and paired black lampsMushroom is not quite brown, not quite grey. It has a whimsical way of changing hue slightly in different lights, which makes it very easy to live with. Being an earth tone, it is on trend for 2023. It works well on large pieces in a room design and has a timeless feel. It works well in velvet, as well as leather, suits industrial room designs with reclaimed wood and brick, and is easy care.charming and funky casual smaller home with red exposed brick, mushroom grey velvet buton tufted sofa, rustic wood and metal open shelving and hardwood flooringColour is one of the most important elements affecting our purchasing decisions. Colour influences our mood which affects our comfort in our home.

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