Working for many years in interior design, we have found that some clients love colour and lots of drama, some abhor colour, and other clients love all the variations in between. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by colour but don’t want to live in a world of all beige either, we are here to say that there are ways to carry colour through your home with subtlety. If you love hot shades but don’t dare use them on large furnishings or whole rooms, there is a solution. In  the wonderful world of décor, subtle backgrounds actually showcase accent colours most effectively. So you love bright green (or orange or black or purple or red) but you’re scared to paint the walls your favorite hue or invest in a boldly colored $4,000 sofa. Not to worry. Your favourite colour can be best showcased against a subtle background. The effect is just enough colour and it’s a colour that you love, provided that it’s the shade that works in the room design. Large pieces of artwork, a band of trim on the draperies, a smaller furniture piece can all be vehicles for the desired interesting colour.
The key is accessorization, as so often, it is. Careful placement of a few dramatically coloured accessories placed them throughout the room design can be very effective indeed. For instance, we might use one or two particularly interesting pillows, one chair, a striking lampshade and vase on the mantel. When we use colour in a room design, we don’t necessarily use bright colour. More often, soothing shades softened with white or grey are more effective for a long-lived room design. A fresh, light look is very easy to live with. We are able to create a warm and welcoming mood with richly detailed furniture or furnishings with classic lines and a colour scheme which ranges up and down through greyed pastel shades. This creates a very sophisticated room design which the client tends to be happy to live with for for a relatively long time. Classic touches such as wall panelling, cabinetry built-ins, wall coverings, sumptuous custom draperies, a mix of toss cushions,  and elegant area carpets all add up to an ambiance of elegant ease and sophistication. This is a very welcoming environment to come home to at the end of a long working day.dramatic living room with paired louver door armoires, Large Paris map, and metal coffee tableNature is a wonderful source of inspiration for interior design projects many times an object from nature is the impetus to inspire a complete room design. Touches of watery blue, grass green, or palest yellow may be the accents in an otherwise neutral room. The overall neutral palette is a feature of the room that is retained over time, but draperies, furnishings, artwork and accessories are changed to keep a fresh and new feel to the design. In the room below, abundant natural light and a fresh palette lend a spark of warmth that is lovely to come home to. The wallpaper has a subtle patterning that lends a sense of texture and interest to the room design. The button tufting on the chair also adds textural interest to a very pale colour palette.zebra print wallpaper with tufted armless chair and mirror edged artwork

Our lifestyles are always changing. When designing rooms we desire a touch of fun as well as comfort and functionality. An eye-catching wallpaper is so useful here. Neutral walls allow for changing artwork and accessories with a new colour scheme. Softened hues are very soothing to live with. It’s fun to tweak traditional style a little, and turn it to a more contemporary finish overall. The weathered wood look in the graphic wall covering below lends a mellow ambiance to the room design, as do the soft shades in the overall neutral colour palette. This is a serene, as well as a dramatic contemporary space. It is fun to live in.  There is no need to limit vibrant colour to casual spaces. The dramatic toss cushions in the room below right is relatively neutral but has soft touches of subtle colour. A touch of funky texture in a treasured handmade accessory adds pizzaz.grey washed rustic bench with casual pile of gold, white and grey snakeskin toss cushionsCall Mulberry Interiors now at (905) 849-6423 to book our services. Check out some of our customers’ testimonials at Homestars. Here’s the link:       We look forward to working with you to increase your enjoyment of your home.



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