Interior design for bedrooms excels when a feeling of serenity, coziness, and comfort is created. There are many ways this can be achieved. A design plan is a good way to start. Because bedrooms are generally not seen by guests, they tend to fall way down on the priority list. After a rough day out in the big bad world, it is a great advantage to retire to a haven of serenity and comfort. We tend to sleep better and are better able to face the next day’s challenges if we are well rested. Often we also want a aura of elegance or even a bit of drama in the decor of the bedroom. There are a great many ways to update bedrooms with all the on-going trends in today’s decor styles. Whether your style tends to a formal look or one that is more casual, variety abounds. There’s just no need to have a neglected looking bedroom anymore.

In interior design today, black and white is a popular contemporary decorating trend. There is also almost a classic feel to this type of decor style. This idea also extends to bedrooms. The effect can be achieved through paint colour choices, wallpaper, dramatic wall treatments, such as wallpaper murals or the elongated padded contemporary headboard above, luxurious draperies and bedding, as well as innovative wood finishes on furnishings, along with headboards that are not just an afterthought. Headboards may be long and low or floor to ceiling, or something in between. upscale and luxurious contemporary bedroom with wide headboard, neutral colour palette and custom draperiesWhether your look is formal or tending to more casual, black and white may well work for your bedroom update, and can be creatively changed and adapted according to how your outlook changes over the years. The bedroom shown below is dramatic, fun and sophisticated, with a touch of the organic and natural. The dark wall colour adds interest and dramatic ambiance, and the overall tone of the room is cozy.  The tall, gilt framed, charcoal upholstered headboard draws the eye upward, and adds presence to the bed. The clean lines of the bed and side tables add contemporary flair, and the smoky tone of the wood adds elegance to the room design. The faux fur comforter lends drama and a touch of surprise and warmth, while the dried shrub botanical adds movement and interest, yet does not overpower the room design. The feel is modern glamour without making the room too stuffy.  Clear glass accessories are displayed on the sleek bedside tables, adding enough interest to pull off a personal touch without a feeling of crowding or clutter. The look is elegance with a dramatic impact.elegant and dramatic bedroom in masculine style with very tall upholstered headboard, dark wall colour, faux fur throw, and tall branch in vaseFeature walls come and go as elements of home decor style. The feature wall has become a phenomenon that we often use to add impact to a room design. Sometimes we use a striking wallpaper, a wallpaper mural or even a painted mural to add interest to traditional interior design. In the photo below, the button tufted headboard lends a feeling of height,  as well as understated drama.  The subtle striped wallcovering draws the eye upward adding a greater sense of ceiling height and spaciousness to the room. Add in modern lighting and updated bedding with a touch of sparkle and we are pulled right into modern days. The bedding can be tailored or casual in style. The bedding below is just as interesting as the wall treatment, and relates back to the dynamic wall by means of colour repetition. The wallpaper colour is surprisingly subdued and restful, while being stripes, due to the choices of colour hues. The overall feeling in the room is carefree fun, but elegantly masculine. Space is often at a premium in bedrooms. The overall effect is relaxed and classy. In a bedroom with ordinary 8 foot ceilings, it is often difficult to imagine how to decorate in a dramatic way. These room designs often lack impact. A wall gallery of artwork or one enormous artwork can lend interest, drama and even an element of texture. serene bedroom with tailored style tufted headboard in grey flannel with white bedding and sequined toss pillowInterior design approaches using simplicity, colour, and clean lines go a long way to achieve high style in a transitional way. A colour palette that is restful and interesting through the use of traditional dark wood paneling and elegant lighting also achieve this effect. White is classic and many people are drawn to white as a decor element. Fresh white bedding, a large abstract artwork and a marble lamp base could add pop and coastal flair. A white upholstered headboard and airy white side table can lend a modern sophistication, as could an area rug in a grey geometric motif on a white ground. This restful colour palette in smoky charcoal and white in the master bedrooms below draws us in away from the cares of the world. The bedding is practical and elegant with a touch of elegance in the space and the quilt and toss cushions add a note of casual comfort. The three sided fireplace adds subtle drama, as well as comfort, and the large but subtle abstract artwork over the bed brings lightness to the colour palette while maintaining a neutrality.luxurious master bedroom with three sided linear gas fireplace, polished concrete floor, and large abstract artworkStorage in the home is a big issue and sometimes even more so in a bedroom. Having finally settled into your new home, you suddenly realize that the closets are woefully inadequate.  Often it’s not so much that you have too much stuff, it’s that the home you have moved to just has very little storage capability. So many people struggle daily with storage issues that no amount of purging will alleviate. Let’s face it. We have stuff and we like our stuff. Storage is a priority just as adequate lighting is. Often, in today’s homes, these two issues are neglected far too long, and we become unhappy with our home. Due to clutter, it just never looks great, when with some focused attention on the problem the same space could actually look great and function seamlessly.  The addition of a storage wall can function to hide a great many belongings, as well as look good doing it, and allow you to find your stuff when you want it.Upscale white bedroom with storage wall and crystal chandelierDynamic colour schemes create much more impact in room design than simply neutrals can ever do. Today’s décor dynamic is wide ranging and flexible. Adding graphic punch or interesting colour  to the room design need not be limited to use only on the walls. Add a hit of hot accent colour to any room and you are off to the races. The room below  makes great use of a dramatic mural. A timid choice of mural would be far less effective and the effect would fall flat. The right mural or wall colour can add a note of innovation and daring. A bit of drama can lend an upbeat charm to a room. Textured wallpaper on all four walls many times totally reinvents the room decor and is a decor feature with real lasting power. You may well be happy with the effect for a surprisingly long time. It takes many years before we tire of a truly beautiful wallpaper, quite often. With a little creativity, it make take a turn to “the dark side” and really add drama to your room design through the use of a darker colour palette. Or, just as effectively we can add a bit of lighthearted whimsy, along with the drama.

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