With the trend toward the resurgence of retro styles gaining momentum, it follows that we will be seeing a little or a lot of orange in room designs in 2023. Orange is one of the most optimistic, upbeat colours there is. It is just a fun colour, yet can be surprisingly elegant when used with thought. Variations like tangerine, terracotta, marigold and rust will likely be on the horizon, as well. The use of orange in an interior is stimulating intellectually as well as sensually. High energy and great conversation are likely to ensue. The spectrum of the colour orange will also appear in runway fashions, towels, tiles, fabrics and wallpapers. Velvet is a strong in-coming trend so why not in orange? After the last few years, people want a bit of fun and they may want a bit of fun in their home environment.charming small living room with small orange red loveseat sofa and survey style floor lamp with orange shade and funky area rugOrange suits a room design that is forward thinking and upbeat. It may be used as an entire sofa, a wall colour, or just a touch here and there. That depends on who will be living in the home. A person who has a strong personality, perhaps who has traveled extensively, or one who is employed in an occupation where they are subject to many influences all the time, might enjoy a little vibrancy in their home. Muted orange is a  colour that suits leather, a natural material, in any era. Greyed blush suggests orange but calms it down a little, especially over a large area in the room design.relaxed and dramatic small living room with colour blocking in black and orange with simple fireplace, paired rustic tables on distressed look area rugA wall colour is relatively easy to change. A sofa generally is not. If we see the colour orange as being a short lived trend or if we think we will tire of orange over a couple of years, we may want to use it as a wall colour that we can simply paint over when we tire of it. Blue is the natural complement to orange. Even a greyed blue will be harmonious, and touches of black or white act as accents and grounding. A deep inky blue brings a sense of drama.striking living room with zebra area rug, burlwood coffee table, large abstract artork, and glossy orange walls and ceilingThe trend toward orange ties in with the return of the trend toward using animal hide patterns in interior design. Black or charcoal look wonderful with orange. Large abstract artworks are also compatible with the overall dynamism of the look, but using a large artwork decreases the total percentage of the colour that may be a little overwhelming otherwise. Using a high gloss sheen on the orange wall lends a real zing, pizazz, and a sense of funky fun. As well, it has a sense of primal comfort. casual layering of hand woven look area rugs lend a softness and comfort to the room. More muted, murkier shades of orange blend well with natural wood tones.wide view of multiple photo grouping with orange and black vignettes and samplesAside from bringing fun to a room, orange can also be used in relatively formal interiors. Black trim molding lends more eye-catching appeal than standard white moldings. A glamorous touch is brought by gleaming brass accents. This look pays homage to the days of the television series, Mad Men, where the glamorous and high speed world of advertising executives and their lifestyle of profit fueled stress created an entire era of luxe interiors. eye-catching room with orange walls, black moldings, and brass cocktail cart with abstract artwork aboveIf not an entire sofa or wall colour, orange can set the tone as a pair of iconic retro armchairs. Fresh white lends enhancement and high contrast. A distressed look area rug is a trend from current times. The aged look enhances the sharpness and vibrancy of the high contrast between hot orange and crisp white. A few industrial elements such as duct work and exposed pipes converge with our modern day love of loft condo style.upscale contemporary living room with paired orange armchairs, tufted black leather sofa, and abstract area carpet in orange, cream, gold and blackMustard brown, some yellows, and muted browns lend interest and depth, as well as allowing the eye to roam around the entire room design. The overall scheme becomes multi-dimensional and much more interesting. The elements which are a more intense orange become focal points in the room. Modern industrial style is a warm, casual way to complete a room design. A touch of orange in a dyed hide area rug may be the only orange in the room. As with yellow, sometimes just a bit of orange is the right amount. It’s time for a little joy and optimism so let a little or a lot of orange into your home.orange cow skin rug in contemporay casual dining room with dark wood furniture

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