Blinds and Shutters

When the need for privacy or control of in-coming solar rays arises, some of the most effective and beautiful way to achieve this are custom blinds or window shutters. These may stand alone or the window may be additionally dressed with custom draperies.

Window shutters most often come in white, but they can look terrific and work just as well in a range of colours, including wood shades.

Sometimes shutters look best in anything but white. The drama of black shutters cannot be underestimated. We are also now in a trend toward black windows, themselves. It used to be that windows were white, cream or a wood tone.

From the exterior of the home, black window sashes adds dimension and presence to the overall look of the home. In the interior of the home, the same thing happens. This effect is true whether the style is traditional, transitional, or contemporary.

 Wood shutters add a richness and warmth to a room design. Wood shutters actually may have a white painted finish. Except in bathrooms when vinyl shutters are needed in order to prevent warping due to high moisture levels, top quality wood shutters elevate the overall look of the room. There is a wide variety of wood colour shades that can suit many room designs. There are even bleached look finishes for a coastal style décor scheme.

Personal taste may draw the client in various colour directions. The priority is quality of construction and of installation.