Paint Colour Consultations

Colour can bring a room alive.

A simple mix of old and newer furnishings and fabrics will not have much zing without a thoughtfully chosen colour palette. Whether your style preference is contemporary, clean lines and minimalist or richly layered traditional, the wall colour will play a key role in successfully achieving the vision that you have for your space. With the assistance of colour specialist, Marguerite Roberts of Mulberry Interiors, your final colour choices could be finely attuned to produce a magnificent result.

Often subtle, pale hues are quite difficult to select properly. A paint colour consultation is an essential part of every renovation. Imaginative colour choices can make a neutral colour scheme elegant and refined, rather than safe and boring. The right palette can make a room feel soothing and restful to spend time in. There is no need to settle for conventional neutrals because you are afraid of making the wrong choice. Even if you love a neutral colour palette, there are neutral shades which add greater depth and interest to the overall look of your home, without feeling over-powering.

More vibrant hues need not be avoided for fear of appearing tacky. Lime green, hot fushia, charcoal can all be spectacular in a dramatic scheme, but these hues must be dead on to achieve the desired atmosphere. Yes, lime green can be elegant if correctly chosen. Your colour specialist can help you access these dynamic colour choices, in balanced amounts so that they do not overpower the design plan.

Colours for the exterior of the home are also difficult to get right. Outdoor lighting is changeable from very bright to overcast. It is tricky to choose exterior colours, especially on large areas of the home, to good effect. They are not at all as they appear while looking at them indoors. Often, the style of the home lends itself to the colour direction that you may choose to take. Whether you have a charming brick bungalow, a large, ornate Victorian lady, a wooden cape Cod, or a suburban brick or stone two story structure, you will be drawn to different colour choices. Once again, your Mulberry Interiors colour specialist can prove to be invaluable.

Most often, we draw from the Benjamin Moore colour deck. During a paint colour consultation, we will discuss where to start and stop your colours, which products to use, and approximately how much paint will be required. We will give you tips and pointers on doing it yourself, or we can have our trusted painters quote your paint job. Take the stress out of choosing colour. Call now to book your paint colour consultation with Mulberry interiors.

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Why a Colour Consultation?