The low maintenance aspect of brick and stone in interior design and the fact that brick and stone withstand fire has made them the most common choice for facing fireplace surrounds. Your fireplace may be simply a few rows of bricks or it may be a large and commanding structure. In Ontario, we often take the abundance of brick for granted, and as a result, the look of fireplaces had been very traditional in style for many decades. Fireplace styling has changed dramatically. The look is much cleaner and definitely more dramatic. It can vary from clean-lined contemporary through to more ornate traditional.

The fireplace feature wall can be truly enhanced by the juxtaposition of coloured elements next to it. If you crave a contemporary style but instead have a large and overpoweringly rustic area of brick brooding darkly over your room, you may not be too happy about it. However unhappy you are with the brick, you may also be intimidated by the mess and expense required to remove the brick. Sometimes, however, it is possible to clad the offending brick with a mantle made of wood or other material, and thus greatly improve the formality of the room. There are a great many ways that cabinetry can be used to frame a fireplace. Often, adjacent storage can be made part of the built-in cabinetry.Fireplace surrounds can be clad with various types of stone and stone look-alikes. Storage may or may not be a part of the design, and many times, there is an architectural quality to the design of the new style fireplace. The firebox often used these days is a less square, more sleek-lined look. Glass pebbles catch the light from the flames and add cool sparkle to the look.

The fireplace can then become a high contrast feature if desired, or blend into the room a little more, as desired.

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