Interior design for the bedroom can help transform a private space like the bedroom into a soothing sanctuary in which to unwind and recharge.  Sometimes because bedrooms are private spaces away from the view of visitors they are the last rooms in the home to benefit from our interior design efforts.  Often, guest rooms that are not used often, can become dated and even uncomfortable for your guests. Likely your guests will not mention this to you. Bedrooms are just as deserving of interior design embellishment as the rest of the home.luxurious master bedroom with three sided linear gas fireplace, polished concrete floor, and large abstract artworkYour bedroom should become a true sanctuary away from the daily stresses of our busy lifestyles. Relaxation and sleep are important parts of our lives. The bedroom should not be just another place to eat, work or watch television. Even in tight quarters the home office should be kept out of the bedroom if at all possible. Storage of clothing and shoes is one of the components of the bedroom, but clutter must be kept at bay for the room to be a restful place. The bedroom should not be a catch-all for unfinished projects or un-filed paper work. Also focus on de-cluttering. Closets should not be filled to bursting. Items which remain unused from one year to the next should be disposed of or donated to those who can use them. Accessories can be fabulous but are only a burden if there are too many. That is not to say that when a large number of decorative accessories are displayed with flair they cannot be fabulous. Walls of artwork are a great example. Many of our clients have beautiful things but they struggle with how to display them, so they store them instead. This is a shame because once the items have been purchased, they should become part of the home.Upscale white bedroom with storage wall and crystal chandelierThe bedroom can often use a fresh coat of paint in a beautiful restful or interesting shade. Colours may be fresh and light or even rich and dark. Dark colours can be very restful and soothing in a bedroom, even on all four walls. Accessorizing the room will be very effective at making the room look polished and elegant. Artwork that is professionally framed in a creative way can add great punch to the room décor. Many people add a fireplace  or panel molding to lend warmth and ambiance.sophisticated master bedroom with black faux alligator headboard, black floor lamp, formal chandelier, paired artwork, and grey wall colourThe power of interior design can be used to create an escape to an exotic location. A tropical colour scheme and botanical themed fabrics in draperies and bedding can bring a feeling of a getaway to the room. Favourite holiday destinations can be remembered through artwork and accessories. The lake or  the cottage can be brought in with beautifully framed scenes from summer holidays or landscape art. High quality bedding creates a luxurious feel and a sense of the getaway for much longer that a vacation to a hotel lasts. contemporary bedroom with clean lines and wallpaper muralWalls can also be draped in luxurious fabrics to add elegance and glamour.A comfortable chair, bench, or chaise makes the bedroom a quiet place to read after a long day. If there is room, a sofa or loveseat provides room for two to relax with feet up, away from the rest of the household.In order to be well rested, most of us need near total darkness. Draperies and blinds lined with blackout can achieve this very effectively. It is also important to keep morning light at bay on days off. Draperies, blinds and shutters can perform this function as well as adding beauty and luxury to the room. Window treatments can be fully closed or open as well as somewhere in between, as desired.upsclae principal bedroom in pale blue and cream with custom draperiesLighting in the bedroom is generally of two types. Ambient lighting for finding your way around the room, and task lighting for reading. An overhead light ocan provide ambient light. Rather than a basic globe, this should be something that is a pleasure to look at, such as a chandelier or a series of lighted niches as seen below. Dimmer switches are recommended. A tall mirror or mirrored furniture piece not only adds function, but sparkle and drama to the room. Once the bedroom is room decor is complete it is imperative to keep it calm and immaculate. Laundry should not be allowed to build up. The closet should be kept in order and not crammed. Surfaces should be free of clutter and kept dusted. All this maintenance should only take a few minutes per day and this is preferable to letting tasks build up for the weekend.modern bedroom with copper stand lamp, wave motif mural, and pale grey wainscot panellingCall Mulberry Interiors now at (905) 849-6423 to book a consultation. Based in Oakville, we work all over the GTA, including Mississauga and Burlington. We look forward to working with you to increase your enjoyment of your home.


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