Dining room interior design can take many forms. Function of the room is very important in the room design, but often, the dining room may be a room that is seldom used but often observed. It may also be a showpiece or even a status symbol. Many of our most expensive possessions may be in the dining room but seldom get any use. This is a shame and just takes a little thinking outside the box to rectify. The dining room is also a large percentage of the total square footage of your home. It just makes sense to make use of it and enjoy it. It helps if the surfaces are easy care, rather than fragile as they were in the past. Modern day furniture varnishes are easy to wipe clean, even if they are in light colours. An area rug under the table may or may not be a wise choice, but some people simply prefer the warmth and comfort underfoot and do not mind the cleaning. It is simple enough to just leave the carpet out of the scenario if ease of living style is the aim.contemporary casual living room and dining room with white dining chairs, black table, white sofa, lighting and wall colour, and black and white artworkMany elements go into the room design of the dining room. As well as the table, chairs and buffet, there is most often a significant piece of art, a large or unusual chandelier, an area carpet, window coverings, and an interesting wall colour. All the aesthetic characteristics of these elements work together as in a tapestry to make up the room design. The style of the dining room chairs plays a vital role in the room design. Most important, is that they be comfortable in order that dinner parties sparkle and flow with conversation. There is no point having a spectacularly beautiful chair that no one wants to sit in. Antique chairs have great charm and add vintage character but often they are quite small in scale and thus not as comfortable as might be desired. This not the case for all antique chairs but it is a factor to be considered. It is possible to use an antique or very rustic table and modern or transitional chairs in a room design. Design elements such as nail heads can make a modern chair look more like an antique style chair and so suit the desired look. The very rustic table below is easy care in that it is a living finish. Place-mats can be used to prevent staining but, like leather, this table top is a living surface. It can be brushed with a wire brush and will become even more interesting over time. it is not for everyone, but many clients love this very rustic, reclaimed look, especially when combined with the contemporary stainless steel legs. The Parsons chairs are ultra comfortable and suited for long evenings chatting over dinner. upscale casual dining room with very rustic dining table with chrome legs, Parsons chairs, hurricane vases with candles, and mercury glass pendant lightMany dining tables have an apron around the outside edge and if the chair seat is  too close to the apron seating can be uncomfortable. Similarly, some tables have a very thick top. This is a quality feature but chair height must be taken into account to accommodate proper seating. Generally, the height of the back of the chair is higher than the table surface, but this is simply personal taste and part of the room design. It is impossible to name all the possible chair styles that could be used in a dining room. Even when we use the same style chair, the fabric we put on it will make the chair look entirely different. In antique styles, Queen Anne, Regency, Windsor, Mid-Century, Chippendale, and Ladder-back styles are all common. Simple, streamlined Parsons chairs are also a common upholstered style. How the chair is finished also can make a big difference in the room design. For instance, a Queen Anne chair in a traditional finish gives a very different impression from a weathered finish. For those who love traditional design, this is a way to update the look. It is also a very feminine look, which many clients love.light and bright dining space with white dining table and chairs, with antique chandelier and pots of moss off white kitchenUpholstered armchairs, club chairs and even wing chairs may be at either end of a dining room table. Often we use upholstered chairs all around the table to add softness, comfort and style to the room. Fabric used on upholstered chairs must suit the lifestyle of the client. White looks lovely in any home for awhile. In homes with active children it won’t look good for very long. A better choice would be a fabric that repels stains, is easily cleanable or a patterned fabric that hides stains. Many beautiful fabrics have these easy care features so there is no loss of interior design potential. Leather, for instance looks wonderful and is easy care. Slipcovers used to cover upholstered or unupholstered chairs can look good and be a very practical solution since they can be laundered when dirty.  The look of the room can quickly and easily be changed with slipcovers in various colours and fabrics. Slip covers lend a more casual look to even a formal dining room because they will always be a little wrinkled. This characteristic greatly bothers some people, and others not at all.One of the factors to decide in dining chairs is the entertaining preferences of the client. Since comfort is key, they should be a comfortable size. Depending on the size of the room and how many guests are to be regularly accommodated, we may need a large number of chairs but also need room to store the excess when we are not entertaining and the table is not extended. It is generally customary to have armchairs at the head of the table, and armless chairs on the sides, but depending on your space and style you could actually have armchairs all around. Armless chairs all around can be suitable also, depending on space and style. Armless dining chairs do take up less space than armchairs, visually as well as in space. Arms on a chair can be helpful in getting in and out of the seat for those who have knee and back problems.upscale transitional dining room with mirror accented dining table, chandelier, grey velvet dining chairs, and custom draperiesFrom an interior design point of view, we must decide whether the room design will be formal or informal. As far as room size goes, smaller space might call for a more delicate, open style of chair, while a large space might look good with larger more well defined shapes. More than anything it is about style, scale, quality and comfort. You should not be able to feel the chair frame through the upholstery in a well made chair. A well constructed dining chair has a bit of weight to it because hardwood weighs more than softwood. The look and feel of the chair is largely determined by the materials it is made from, as well as the shaping. Metal chairs feel substantial and may have a sheen. In a contemporary or smaller space clear acrylic can look good and function well. Wood comes in many styles and finishes. Upholstered styles allow us the variety, softness and colour of fabric. Wicker and rattan bring texture as well as style. A mixture of any of these material adds even more scope for design. Quality of a chair is of utmost importance. There should be no splintering, swaying, or snags apparent in the construction. The seat should be comfortable, and if it is fabric, the fabric should not pill. The frame should be able to support the weight of an adult and stand up to the test of time.casual dining room with mulltiple overhead lighting and dark walls

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