We live in a Golden Age of creativity and choice of elements to express our personal taste. Yes, right now, we are enduring a world event that has been devastaing for many. Despite that, we have access to so much creative inspiration that we can tap into a deluge of ideas to use in our home space. Interior design is all around us and it is a terrific source of fun and inspires creativity in those who are not naturally creative. Lounging in the hammock or on the sofa while perusing decorating magazines is a very pleasant way to spend quality time. All these “perfect” rooms give us plenty to think and dream about. Decorating ideas abound and whether or not we make a move to move closer to having the perfect home in reality, dreaming is still enjoyable. It is, however, often overwhelming because the rooms do look so perfect. Once some forward effort is put into actually decorating our homes, we often realize just how much work and expense is involved in striving for perfection. The route to the perfection that we desire also involves a bit of dust and disturbance along the way, in order to make your home look quite different and very much improved over its previous form.

cheerful and dynamic reading space in small home with lime accents and small scale furnishings

There is a state of mind and there are a few techniques you’ll need in order to make good use of this wealth of ideas and projects. Whether you are a do it yourself-er or always hire assistance, projects may still be overwhelming. A clear idea of exactly what is to be achieved must be reached before any work can be done. Do you have a clear idea of your design preferences and style?  Often we see beautiful rooms that appeal as we glance at them while lounging in the hammock. Could we actually live in this room and continue to enjoy it and get full use out of it? Often we at Mulberry Interiors, ask a client to provide us with a magazine photo or two that have some elements that they like in a room.

elegant and rustic upscale bathroom with thick live edge plank counter, carved stone sink, black wall colour and light and bright shower niche

Our 20 some years of experience allows us to gather a lot of information from those elements that you like.Developing a consciousness of what sort of design style makes us happy is the first step. We may be attracted to a design style that we could never maintain.  The classic example of this is the white sofa and white carpet. Does the look you love suit your lifestyle? Busy families with children and pets may have quite a difficult time keeping this décor style looking good. Perhaps you like the serenity of the look but would be just as happy with hard wearing surfaces in a light look ( photos courtesy of Better Homes). Once having confirmed this, the purpose in looking through magazines could shift to looking out for nice light-looking rooms that would be possible to keep looking that way. By doing this, you will have taken a step toward compiling a collection of photos of rooms that you like but which are closer to a reality that can actually be achieved and maintained. Casual decor can often be just as up-lifting and inspirational as a more formal approach.

funky casual living room with muted area rug, tufted sling chairs, grey sofa, purple toss cushions and large abstract artwork

Start to assemble a workbook where you store these images and take an analytical approach to the room photos that appeal to you. List the elements in the rooms that you like: high ceilings, fireplace, stone elements, dark floor/light walls, tall decorative vase, dark hardwood floors, flowing draperies, textured stone, vintage accessories, wood panelling…or whatever elements appeal to you. Do this in under a minute, if possible. If you are stumped for descriptive phrases, scan the text of the accompanying article looking for how the author describes the space and for how it was put together. What was the designer’s intention?

creative light and bright small living room with grey wall treatmet, cream sofa, and antique trunk with orange accents

Can you imagine yourself in the newly created space? Would it be fun to live in the changed space? Are there elements which particularly appeal to you but are beyond your current budget. Can you achieve the essence of the overall look in the short term even without that seemingly unattainable item? Can you use some creative decor advice?

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