Colour is such a powerful element in interior design that it is no wonder that many people are more than a little frightened of it. That is how we drowned in a sea of beige some years ago. Some folk are still floundering in a sea of beige. There’s just no need for that. We are all individuals with different tastes and experiences which affect our colour preferences. Fun though the wonderful world of interior design is, it only looks like magic. when we are ready to update our homes we often have been subject to a huge number of outside influences. Many clients call us and are unsure how to proceed because they are drawn in so many design directions. Sometimes they have been led to believe that it is will take a lot less time than it does to achieve the finished product than it actually does. We live in a Golden Age of televised scenarios and since we are able to view so many interesting designed interiors many clients are much more willing to try more daring design ideas than they would have been in the past! This is a good thing. The designer is able to suggest colour concepts that can be a little edgy. The client is better able to visualize the possible finished project because of the many influences they have been subject to. loft style living room with exposed brick, top down bottom up pleated shades, colourful area rug, blue sofa, and paired black wing chairs with nail stud detailWe all tend to gravitate toward colours that we favour. Past positive memories remind us of experiences and the colours and aromas associated with them. Many of us have been fortunate to travel a little or a lot. We are affected by the sights and sounds of these places, as well as the culture. Fashion trends and marketing also influence what we are drawn to. The workplace also has an influence. If our occupation is stressful we may want a more placid decor scheme in our homes. A pleasing colour palette can establish a sense of calm in the home. A restful colour palette need not be boring. serene upscale bathroom with free-standing oval tub, wood feature wall, curved wooden bench, bubble chandelier, and tempered glass showerWhen it’s time to make a substantial design change in the home, it is much less stressful if we filter out most of the outside influences and concentrate of a design theme. Carrying one main colour through the home helps to achieve a sense of cohesion as well as helps to filter out unnecessary influences. A dominant colour can be chosen for each room and that can be enhanced by using a couple of accent colours. The overall look can be surprisingly interesting and dynamic. In key rooms we can use a larger amount of one of the accent colours, but perhaps is a more subdued shade. The colour flow from room to room is achieved and the balance of light and dark colours is maintained. bedroom with blue and grey colour paletteWe can move treasured artworks previously used in one room to a different room, thus making each room look entirely different. Wall colour will be chosen to accent the artwork in a creative new way. Resources are thus made available for new investment pieces. A pale, restful colour palette can be made more interesting by using this three colour scheme. Painting the ceiling an interesting colour can be a dynamic part of the new decorating plan, as well.  Since the balance of light and dark has been maintained we are able to create a cozy enclave in one or two areas using a rich and dramatic colour palette. This is where the skill of the interior designer or colour consultant can lend the client the confidence to proceed with the design plan. wide view of funky casual living room with muted area rug , tufted sling chairs, grey sofa, purple toss cushions, and large abstract artworkThe amount of in-coming light in a home is often a factor in the colour palette chosen. A favourite colour used in more than one room can look entirely different is each room. This can also change with the time of day. Light fixtures supplied by the builder are often inadequate for proper living needs. Surprisingly, many people never upgrade their lighting and, as a result, have stuck with white or pale beige throughout their time in the home. They simply did not have enough light to be able to use interesting colour choices, never mind darker ones. Lighting has come a long way and the days of the old curly fluorescent bulb are gone. Those bulbs never made any colour, no matter how nice, look good. There are wonderful and creative choices in lighting now. Go ahead! Have some fun with some great new lighting!

Pattern, texture and sheen are also elements of interior design. Daring and creative art pieces are available everywhere. Adding even just one large, interesting art piece can really change the whole look of a room. Some pieces have a lot of sheen and texture and they are not high maintenance. 


Cabinetry and trim work need not necessarily be white. Having your trim white or cream while all of your doors are black is a great look. You can even paint your trim black if you like that look. It’s only paint, after all!There are strong trends away from the old standards these days.  contemporary high style living room with hide area carpet, light woof coffee table, modern fireplace with crushed glass, tan leather chairs, and charcoal mantel tileTrim colour also helps to add a consistent flow through your home. While traditional white is most often chosen, you may want to consider doing the trim in a shade of one of your trio. It may be cream, rather than white, or it may even dare to be black.

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