Interior design is often overlooked in bedrooms because they are private spaces. From the standpoint of overall satisfaction with your home, it makes no sense to neglect any portion of it. Rather, beautiful, restful bedrooms can be such welcoming sanctuaries away from the outside world that we can recharge our energy and face the world revitalized.  Home décor can become tired long before the individual design elements have actually worn out. Bringing in new colour by way of fresh new bedding, a new headboard , draperies, upscale blinds, or accessories can make all the difference in the world. A fresh new wall colour seems an easy fix, but for some home owners, the thought of moving all the furniture is simply too much. Professional painters will generally deal with the onerous task of moving furniture but it is up to the home owner to de-clutter to prepare the way. Often this can lead to a general renewal process that has been overdue. Once you get going the process, itself, becomes inspirational.wide view of casual upscale loft condo apartment bedroom with exposed brick, leather chair and faux fur throwOne surprisingly simple solution is to have draperies in a simple style such as stationary panels to the floor, made in more than one choice of fabric, that you swap in seasonally, or when the room starts too look tired. Ceiling heights in a home are consistent so it is conceivable that you could move your draperies from one room to another. This would make a big change in the look of the room. The wall colour would need to be a choice that complemented all the draperies in the collection, and the drapery length should suit the rod height. Cushions and bedding are also adaptable to this idea. The same queen size duvet cover could look good in the master bedroom as well as the guest bedroom, and vice versa. A basic black and white scheme could be livened up with hot orange and pink toss cushions. When this becomes wearing, the same cushion fillers could be covered in new taupe and red covers. Blue and grey would also suit the basic scheme, as would raspberry and blue. The personality of the room changes dramatically with the change of the accent shades (see photo below courtesy of Better Homes).  Pattern, like color, exerts an emotional pull that can jumpstart a decorating style. Whether you gravitate toward crisp stripes, bold florals, or classic toile, pattern can be used to liven up a space. Volume, pattern, shape, texture, colour, and personality are the way to update the room. Headboards come in a vast array of styles and shapes. They are often upholstered these days, rather than merely made in wood. Yet again, we have an opportunity to introduce colour, pattern, shape, texture, and pizzaz.


wide view of light and fresh master bedroom with white bedding and white knitted throw

The bed, itself can be re-positioned to change the mood. Often, there is room to put the bed on an angle. This can make the room appear more spacious. The bed can be placed in front of the window to make a change, also. Lamps are most often placed adjacent to the bed and they can be very striking in the room design. 

upscale master bedroom with tall mirrored built-in cabinetry either side of bed, and upholstered headboard to the ceiling

Wallpapering one feature wall in a fabulous paper makes a big change. The feature may be a seating area or a fireplace, or it may be the headboard of the bed. Wallpaper has returned to the interior design scene in a big way. The ditzy florals of days gone by are a distant memory. 

bedroom with hydrangea wall mural feature wall

Once you are ready to make a big change, the options are many. Wall colour is a very large part of any interior design plan because the area it covers is the largest element in the room (photos courtesy of Better Homes). Dare to try a vibrant shade such as luxurious purple or red, but keep it elegant by incorporating one wall of well-chosen wallpaper. A deep plum paper embellished with gold filigree might be just the thing to create drama while maintaining elegance. A dramatic mirror could give the room’s décor a finished look. Too much of one shade, even a vibrant one, can be boring. Painting the ceiling can lend a feeling of greater coziness and warmth. Artwork is a means of conveying your personality and taste in your home décor. Art is very personal and must fit the space it embellishes. The colours and patterns in the bedding and draperies often are visible in the artwork and add depth to the interior design of the room. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. There’s no point bringing in beautiful linens and draperies, only to muddy them with the effect of low end lighting. Reading lamps are required in many bedrooms, and are more important than overhead lighting. The right amount of light can make or break a comfortable bedroom retreat. Architectural trim, molding, and wainscoting bring nearly endless design options. Additional storage can often be found within the bedroom for items that we do not want to leave out on display. Any room is improved by the addition of well-installed millwork or built-in storage. 

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