It is now very popular to decorate our outdoor living spaces and to use them more extensively when the weather is nice, as well as having something pleasant to view from indoors during the colder months. That is, as part of our interior designing efforts, we now aim to extend out on to decks, patios and lawns. This way, we are able to enjoy nice weather outdoors while retaining the level of comfort that we expect inside. Besides, it looks a lot nicer that the alternative. Here in Canada, contrary to popular belief beyond our borders, Canadians are able to enjoy outside living for a significant portion of the year. In fact, we likely appreciate being able to get out and enjoy the good weather even more than our southern neighbours, because we don’t have good weather year round. There are a great many beautiful design elements that we can incorporate into our outdoor room designs.casual upscale outdoor siting area in an open porch with blue ceiling, lanterns, and toss cushionsIn downtown areas, these outdoor rooms will generally be centered  around condo or apartment balconies. Furniture choices are critical for this area. Furniture must be durable enough to withstand at least some of the effects of weather, as well as being comfortable. Chairs are relatively easy to carry outdoors for an even so, as seen in the photo, below right, casual dining can be really very elegant. The weathered finish on the formal chairs is charming and the seating is comfortable and elegant. As well, the incorporation of dramatic decorative accessories such as the series of large pots leaking water are extremely effective visually and cover traffic noise. In more suburban areas where properties tend to be a little larger, we are able to use larger furniture and host larger outdoor events. As well, we can make use of very large outdoor urns and other weather proof container plantings to add interest and beauty to our view from stained solid trellis around small patioOn a covered balcony, rain is not as much a problem as wind is. You may want a variety of seating functions, such as lying in addition to sitting. Hammocks and swings serve this purpose well and look great. Eating and drinking are a large part of the outdoor living design. You’ll need at least one table to hold drinks, food and implements. Rustic elements look beautiful in a garden setting and seem appropriate. Some of us are lucky enough to own a sunroom or conservatory. This is a wonderful advantage for year round living.weathered table in sunroomOutdoor living, while casual, still requires a decorative touch. Your outdoor décor choices should relate somewhat to your interior design choices. Colour is a large part of outdoor living décor. Whether it is in the furniture or simply added florals and greenery, colour co-ordination is just as important outdoors as in. A water feature of some sort is beautiful and innovative while adding the sound of falling water to mask the sound of the city. High rise outdoor living can retain touches of ground level lifestyle. Never think that our Canadian climate excludes us from enjoying the great outdoors for at least a good part of the year. Even during months of inclement weather, we can view our outdoor spaces from indoors so we should add weather resistant décor elements for a year round appeal. Whether the setting is for entertaining or just relaxing, it makes a lot of sense to make use of the advantages that our homes do have, and to enhance them.wide view of charming outdoor evening dinner party in summerA great many evergreens and ornamental grasses can survive year round in containers, giving us something to look out to in the winter months. We retain a sense of freedom and trendiness by maintaining our outdoor room décor.
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