Is the use of grey a thing of the past, or does it have the strength to continue as a much better neutral that boring beige? Grey has become an interior design standard go-to neutral, and it is holding strong. It has weathered many side issue trends and some clients have asked whether it is still in style. Yes, it is, says colour specialist, Marguerite Roberts , Head of Mulberry Interiors. “It has become a classic due to its ability to lend a soothing elegance to interiors. It is able to shift in warmth and coolness, depending on the undertone of the individual grey used. Grey can range from cool to warm and its classic looks pair with a great many cool and warm colours.”

Grey manages this through its alignment to silver. We are reminded of silvery light. Roomscapes with significant grey in the colour palette tend to be serene and restful. They may be formal or casual in character. Even in our Canadian winter, grey rooms have a cozy feel, especially when paired with accessories in deep, rich shades. Paired with touches of vibrant orange or blue, with baseboards in a crisp white, the overall ambiance is one of positivity. Trimwork and cabinetry need not be limited to just good old white. Grey walls look wonderful with cream, dark brown or even black trim. Even grey-washed moldings would be a stunning look. 

elegant transitional foyer with abstract art and seating in grey

Some clients resist accepting grey into their homes, assuming that the old myth that grey is depressing is true. Certainly, if grey is used timidly or without thought, as with any colour it can be dreary. Grey needs dynamic partners to really excel. A good room design is all the better when beautiful furnishings, luxurious draperies and creative artwork and accessories are used alongside. A few glossy surfaces or interesting textures really add to the overall mix and add upbeat sophistication. 

funky casual living room with muted area rug, tufted sling chairs, grey sofa, purple toss cushions and large abstract artwork

Balance is required when using rich or deep colours. Greys have deepened to charcoal shades in a big way. Some designers lean heavily on a very feminine design plan. This is all very well if it suits all members of the household. Many men, as well as women, just do not enjoy an overly feminine decor scheme. This may explain the trend to rich charcoal in many decor schemes. Mulberry Interiors thinks the new dark neutrals look wonderful. Gold, cream and various shades of blue can look wonderful with grey in the colour palette, and help to add the necessary balance. 

formal living room with traditional furniture and silvery grey wall colour

Fabrics, area rugs and wallcoverings are another way to add grey to the room’s colour palette. Powerful and dramatically expanded scale in a wallpaper mural can create a magnificent overall effect, while not overpowering the room design with colour. Dramatic mural wall-coverings have made a strong comeback and they really add design impact to a room. Graphic patterning has become a growing trend in many home finishes. Patterning may be muted or higher contrast. Grey works well with so many colours and, after all, grey is a neutral. It works with everything. Grey flooring has been a strong trend in recent years, as well. Furniture finishes have also been popular in various tones of grey. Dramatic lighting, accessories and well-constructed drapery treatments bring sense to these decor schemes.

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