Interior design can have a strong effect on the bedroom as well as the rest of the home. New bedding makes a strong statement when updating a bedroom. There is nothing like updating the bedroom decor to add a fresh outlook on life. Bed linens can be added to harmonize with clean simple lines of contemporary furnishings or you can choose flowing lines and abundance of pattern for a more traditional look.

black furniture with graphic bedding

Sewing details such as decorative edges that are meant to be turned back to show when the bed is made up add interest and contrast. The edging detail can be repeated on shams and smaller cushions to create texture. Lively colour combinations introduce pattern to the room and provide cues to choose drapery and wall colour.

dramatic casual bedroom with black wallcovering feature wall

Update your bedding with fresh linens.  Be sure to purchase quality bedding with a high thread count so that you can enjoy the sheets for years to come. In cotton sateen sheets, one weft thread weaves over several warp threads, then under one and over another several more. This results in a smoother fabric with a luminous sheen and a buttery softness. Expect luxury sateen sheets to have a thread count of 350 to 500 threads per square inch. Quality shows and is wonderful to live with. Whether you choose a serene colour scheme such as soft blue and white or a bold mix, such as plum and black or black, white and yellow, the room design will be largely focused on the bedding. For greatest flexibility, you can paint a wall colour that links two or more very different sets of bedding. This allows you to make a dramatic change to the room simply by changing out the bedding. Seasonally, you can also change out the draperies to an alternate set.

serene bedroom with tailored style tufted headboard in grey flannel with white bedding and sequined toss pillow

By having more than one set of bedding and more than one set of draperies that can be inter-changed as many time as the heart desires, the room can look very different with very little effort. The look that you want on a cold winter’s night is completely different from the one that you want as spring approaches. In winter, we crave rich colours and textures. If the wall colour in the room is dark, the overall look of the room decor can be lightened for spring with the use of crisp, light bed linens. Light colours and textures are less oppressive in the warm months. Corduroy and flannel are as wrong for spring and summer as light linen and cotton are for January to March. Variety is the spice of life. Changing out complex, formal draperies would definitely be more costly, of course, than simply sewn panels. This method also allows you to switch between modern and more traditional looks, as long as the lines of the furniture are transitional. It’s a good idea to have three sets of sheets: one for on the bed, one in the closet, and one in the laundry. Rotating sheets makes them last longer and so we are achieving good value. You should also have two duvets: one for winter, and one for summer. An array of pillows goes a long way to achieving a finished look in a bedroom. For an uncluttered look, larger pillows are placed at the back near the headboard, with the sleeping pillows underneath so that the decorative pillows sit at a pleasing angle. Pillows in contrasting shapes, sizes, and with different detailing are then arranged either in an orderly manner, or for a more casual look, pillows are tilted and scattered informally in front of the large ones. A plump duvet placed at the foot of the bed balances the look. Co-ordinating draperies are important to complete the look. 

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